C11Oh, dolls!

BOY, did I have a hard time curating this post… There’s just SO much goodness in the bohemian style market right now, choosing a mere 10 bridesmaids dresses to show y’all was super tough, so on that note, let it me note that this is the TIP of the a very cool iceberg, so be sure to head straight on over to our Bridesmaids Pinterest board (after you’ve read the post, of course) to see plenty more of the same beauty you’re about to behold!

Before we kick things off, y’all might like to know that our ‘Top Ten Buys’ are gonna be regular posts here on FBrides. We all know it’s all well and good day dreamin’ on Pinterest for weeks days on end, but sometimes is can be hard, like totally-legit-teary-eyed hard to actually track down the beautiful dress/crown/shoes in that dreamy picture, right?

Whelp, we hear your cries of anguish ladies, and we’re here to rescue you damsels with our UK based, available right now and within budget’s reach ‘Top Ten Buys’.

Now, let’s talk about your maids shall we? Here’s just some of the styles we are LOVING for the adult bridesmaids 2015.

First up, and my personal faves…

Soft Structured Cotton

Oh yes!

The first three of our top buys come in the form of pilgrim-chic (what?! It’s a thing!), a soft, neutral palette, loose fitting and organic in style and fabric.

The wearer really owns this dress. Nothing overwhelming or loud, these soft cottons are subtle, effortless and just EVERYTHING.

C10C12One of my favourite elements of these dresses are their modest-while-sexy shapes. They’re loose, simple shapes, yes, but it’s all in the details: the peep hole on the back of the above dress, or the double split in the dress below.

Casual, relaxed elegance. This bridesmaid isn’t try-hard, she just oozes lusciousness effortlessly.

She’s the kinda gal you want to sit and laugh with all evening, over a bottle of vino probably!

C3C4Pair them with a messy I-woke-up-like-this mid-length mane, statement leather shoes (be it ankle boots or those KILLER gladiators) and enough boho bangles and layered chains to open up your own Free People branch.

C5C6C7These dresses are all by the insanely awesome Free People (like you even doubted that for a moment!)

Simply click the image for corresponding links, they ship throughout the UK with easy returns. So kick back wit’ yo’ girls, pop some bubbles and have a totally hassle free bridesmaid dress experience!

Divine Drop Shoulders

For real though. Brides and maids alike, the drop shoulder simply MUST feature in your 2015 wedding!

The epitome of female elegance, the drop shoulder exposes the majority of the décolletage and has a major gypsy vibe that we’re seriously into.

First up, this sweet little number is by Oh My Love and it’s the sweetest thang…

DS 1DS 2DS 3Playing on the still-super-hot white bridesmaid dresses trend, this Daughters of Simone esq, shoulder hugging neckline is perfect for your free-spirited baes.


And um, hi there TOTAL BARGIN. 36 gold ones. Yes, £36.

You’re welcome.


DS 6DS 7Isn’t it the daintiest little number you ever did see?!

Just perfect for your trés feminine gals, this slice of blush is by Fashion Union and paired with dewy skin and chic white nails, we think it’s just divine.

Oh, and FYI if you’re into darker shades for your maids, this dress also looks shh-hot in black too!

Oh, and FYI it’s an absolute steal at 25 dabs.

As well as blush, another pastel is making a move on the 2015 summer: this dusty cornflower blue is seriously creeping up the style stakes…

DS 10DS 11DS 12It’s super chic, no?

These delicate shades give the drop shoulder a whole new Parisian-cool feel. We love the usual gypsy feel, don’t get me wrong, but this fusion of boho-chic is really hittin’ all our buttons right now!

Elegance in Embellishment

This trend just ain’t goin’ anywhere!

We’re still loving the embellished sleeve, as is the fashion world it’d seem!

Topping the glamour poll, these delicately, detailed sequin pieces are sure to have all your bridesmaids swooning!

They’re pretty intricate though and, although we believe in power in numbers when it comes the sparkle (i.e. the more sparkle, the better!), we’d definitely recommend kitting out your bridesmaids in matching embellished gowns, as opposed to our usual mismatch endorsement.

Now, let’s see about this Virgo’s Lounge gown… It’s just beyond gorgeous!

T1T2T3And if the old ball and chain (your budget that is, not your other half!) won’t quite stretch quite that far, price wise, Asos have come up with an equally beautiful equivalent, for a tenner less, in that beautiful powered blue tone again…

T6…I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot of this wonderfully delicate shade, and rightly so!

And can we just take a moment for the pleating, oh the pleating!

Dark + Sassy

The final two in our top ten come to you from the dark side.

There’s a huge trend still winging it’s way over to us from the über Aussies in the form of black (or nearly black) bridesmaids gowns.

The ultimate in it-girl cool, we’re totally hooked on this edgy look.

Here are our top picks (again, I had SUCH a hard time picking from all the insane boho LBD’s out there right now… You really MUST check out our Bridesmaid Pinterest board!!)…

D6D7D8What sold it to me? That NECKLINE.

Bohemian cool at it’s finest, this no-nonsense, layered bandeau is just so cool it hurts me a little.

It’s rock n’ roll, with just a subtle hint of delicacy in the cream crochet trim.

C’est parfait!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to end with anything other than a final note from Free People: meet the Off Neverland midi…

D17D18Mesh embroidered with a romantic floral design, scalloped detailing and all in a deliciously dark ‘Black Cherry’ shade… There are no words.

It’d work amazingly for 2015’s late summer/autumn weddings… I’m seeing your girls following you down a woodland path to your ceremony, dancing barefoot at the heart of your tipi and sipping something warming late into the night, knelt by a camp fire.

…Aahh, we do LOVE a festival wedding (good job really hey?)

Questions about the dresses listed? Or about how to mismatch them with other styles you’re contemplating?

Go ahead and ask, we’ll do our very best to help y’all – I know bridesmaids dresses can be a super tricky one!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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