Gorgeous ones!

This afternoon, on behalf of the totally amazing Elite Tents and the beautiful Sandon Hall, we’re inviting you along to their incredible open day this Sunday. Repeat, THIS SUNDAY!

It’s gonna be magic. Seriously, though check out our chat with Elite Tents a few weeks back… I know, right?! If you’re even slightly considering a tipi wedding, you NEED to get your backside over to Sandon Hall anytime between 11am and 4pm and be prepared to be wowed!

Now, I couldn’t find a stamp to post it to you, but here’s your official invite…

Sandon Hall FlierAnd just to give a little taster of this stunning venue and the freakin’ GORGEOUS Elite Tents

Ashby (31) (3)Gabriella&Phil_367 (1)Sandon …Oh, I know! Seriously guys, don’t miss out on this. I mean, what Festival Bride doesn’t wanna spend their Sunday chilling in a tipi, dreaming and planning their special day with these amazing people?!

Peace + Love

Clare X



Wedding beauty on its way!

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