Afternoon all and what a beautiful one it is too! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, the second bank holiday weekend of the year is nigh and I am feeling good! I hope you all have something great planned for this weekend. Perhaps some of you are getting married? This weekend marks the start of wedding season so if you are reading this whilst anxiously doing the last of your wedding prep then GOOD LUCK and remember to ENJOY every single second. Getting married rocks and it truly is going to be the best day of your life. Lap it up as much as you can.

Talking of wedding prep, we have the lovely people at The Prop Factory sharing their favourite wedding themes of 2018 with us today. For those of you who have not come across The Prop Factory before then you are in for a treat! Their website is a treasure trove of every kind of prop you can imagine. From unique furniture to light up letters and photo backdrops – they have it all and with a tag line as strong as the below, you know you are going to receive a good service….

If you want your guests to turn up at your wedding and say “OMG this is amazing!” – then you’re in the right place. Over 100 5 star Facebook reviews can’t be wrong!

Carmen, the owner of The Prop Factory, talks us through her favourite 2018 themes with tips on how to bring them to life.


The Prop Factory’s Favourite Wedding Themes of 2018….

Hi I’m Carmen and I run The Prop Factory. I’m a hoarder and maker of all things fun, weird and pretty, and always unique. I am a big theme lover and my favourite thing is seeing a selection of props come together and bring a theme to life. Here are my favourite themes of 2018 which we are building props for this year. I have so many more I love but I had to narrow it down!


One – Seaside Holiday

Get the look…

Think of the Great British seaside holiday. Sandcastles, windmills, and picnics on the beach. Fun on the Pier with penny arcades, peep boards, and test your strength machines. Candy floss, doughnuts and ice cream are a must – imagine the smell at a wedding of fresh doughnuts and candy floss! Bride and groom in flip flops wearing sunnies.


Giant deckchairs, normal size deckchairs, peep boards, pier lampposts, giant windmills, picnic baskets + blankets, ships wheel, giant ice cream sign, doughnut wall, Punch and Judy booth, crazy golf + crazy golf arch, and giant sunglasses.

Style Hacks…

Make fake sandcastle props by mixing sand and PVA glue then covering upside down sandcastle buckets.

Serve fish and chips from newspaper if you want a casual meal for evening guests.

Have your new married name made into sticks of rock – there are a few rock stick suppliers online who will do this for you.

Make it a festival with fish and chip van, flip-flops and sunglasses for guests, face painting and dancing outside at sunset.

Two – Enchanted

Get the look…

Think of a dark forest full of curiosities. Mix tiny delicate flowers and huge weird enchanted flowers dotted around in odd places. Instead of bright lighting use low lights and LED uplighters to create patches of light as thought you are walking through a forest. Lots of mushrooms and toadstools in different forms such as seats, props, food and decoration. Plenty of greenery, the more the better – it can be placed inside or outside. Rustic furniture is best, benches for the ceremony with ivy wrapped round the legs. If you want to go all out then add some forest sound effects playing on hidden speakers, very subtle you hardly notice, but it ‘feels’ enchanted.


Giant keys, Once upon a time sign, enchanted fence section, toadstool stools, forest flower arch, owl cake stand, woodland chairs, leaf tables, giant enchanted flowers, giant bean stalk, and willow heart frame

Style Hacks…

Make cost effective enchanted butterflies by printing off butterflies pictures onto acetate and cutting out

Use cheap wooden door knobs and paint to look like toadstools

Anything can be a flower! Trust me on this… Find pretty and weird round things like sweets, broaches, and small children’s toys then use as flower centres – dull down any bright colours by dry brushing with dark paint. Make petals from fabric, or paper to surround them and finish with a wire stem wrapped in green string.

Make it a festival by having themed walk about acts, mood disco lights and camping

Three – Vintage Fairground

Get the look…

Probably our most popular theme ever, and with no sign of the prop making stopping in this theme. Games are the biggest part of this theme, all the classics from test your strength strongman striker to a duck shooting gallery. The games must be beautiful vintage colours like deep red, rubber duck yellow, muted blue and custard cream. All games, although simple to play needs lots of pattern and decoration to pull off this look – preferably hand painted in a traditionally sign written way – I know we’re fussy! Use bunting poles and bright bunting to bring height to your mini funfair, even use our central pole for a super high 3.6 meters and 6 to 10 spokes of bunting flowing out to the smaller. Picket fences can help section of areas of play. Don’t forget your doughnuts, candy floss, slushies and hot dogs!


Where do I begin? The games – coconut shy, ring toss, duck gallery, hook a duck, strongman striker, peep boards, ball in a bucket, darts, crazy mirrors, tin can alley, crazy golf, splat the rat and stand the bottle. Food stands like our candy floss, lemonade and popcorn stands. Mini circus tens and games tents, bunting poles and bunting, fairground arch, show arrows, carousel horse sweet stand and a whole host of other fairground accessories.

Style Hacks…

Have a professional chalkboard writer create you some bespoke signs to show your guests around the fun

Have a prizes table for the winners or use our leaderboard to find the ultimate winner

Have guests thrown yellow confetti out of popcorn boxes or bags

Make it a festival by having doughnut, candyfloss and hot dog vendors, tickets to get into the funfair, and an outside stage

Four – Rococo

Get the look…

Baby pinks and powder blues with ornate gold detail make the setting along with lots of pink white and peach roses – real roses are better as the sweet smell will add to the ambiance.  If you have a few roses spare then scatter petals on the floor. Don’t forget plenty of cake, pretty and elegant designs in light pastel colours, hot pinks, turquoise and gold.  A sofa or lounge area is a must as chilling out and indulging in sweet treats is what it is all about.


Rococo pastel and white sofas with luxury silk cushions, gold ornate iron cart or our rococo bar full of cake, Georgian style pillars with cakes on,

Style Hacks…

If you don’t have real roses then use silk roses and spray with a sweet perfume

If you don’t have enough guests to eat all the cakes then get some jelly moulds and spray them pink to make food props to bring your indulgent cake display to life

Add fluffy feathers into flower arrangements to give a slight boudoir feel

Make it a festival by adding lute players, dancing around the cakes, and a banquet

The Prop Factory are a Festival Brides preferred wedding supplier. To view more details on all the wonderful props they can supply, please visit their listing in our festival wedding directory or visit the wedding section on their website.

Image Credits: Chloe Lee Photo; Jennifer Shoubridge; Mimosa; Liberty Pearl; Emily Fleur; Matt Fryer; Yeti Photography and Alex Dixon

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend peeps. We shall see you on the flip side!


Big Wedding Prop Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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