3Good afternoon you fine specimens!

Ok, so just a forewarning before we even get started… Firstly, if y’all have got the afternoon munchies, guaranteed this post is NOT gonna help that sitch, secondly, you might have to excuse me getting a little over excited about this concept, I mean, it’s food and I too have the munchies (hell, I always have the munchies, who am I tryna kid?!)

Ha! So, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk grazing tables.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this emerging trend, grazing tables are an effortlessly, yet supremely cool alternative to canapés.

Yup, so that in-between post-nuptials but pre-dinner phrase, you know the one: everyone’s got their sweet little cocktail, they’re wandering round, catching up with distant relatives and old friends, while the happy couple (you, thats you! Eek!) have their photos shot. It’s a beautiful, sociable, casj part of any wedding… But wait, what’s that? Do I hear the faint, yet distinct tremble of a stomach rumbling? Yes, yes I do!

There are only two ways around this, and the coolest, most relaxed option is, without shadow of a doubt, the grazing table.

Show you? Why, it’d be my pleasure!

14492Get the jist?

A little like a scene from the last supper, we’re talking tables (commonly, a gorgeously worn trestle table) laiden, and I mean like LAIDEN with delicate, often rather luxurious and flavour-full foods.

We’re talking anything, the brief is simply this: if it’s super tasty and you can eat it with your hands, without getting in a complete and utter mess, it’s a goer. Cheeses, breads, antipasti, fruit, nuts… Yes, ALL the good stuff.

More chilled and less filling than a pre-dinner buffet, less intrusive to conversations than serving canapés and a fabulous talking point for guests, the grazing table is a must for those weddings with a little time to kill.

151922The amazing thing about grazing tables is there really are no rules or regulations.

On the one hand, serving up figs, broken rustic loaves and sourdoughs with olives on worn, chunky wood platters can easily and beautifully fit a very bohemian theme, in the next breath adding some crisp table linen, a bell jar and a neutral, white palette can create a more minimal, refined feel.

It can be whatever you want it to be, whatever you want to bring to the table (so to speak!)

256Accessorising your table is just. EVERYTHING.

We absolutely adore the above image. The addition of that Persian style rug, with the indigo and white china just sets the colour of the food alight.

It’s warm, it’s inviting, it’s a moment of sheer indulgence that brings people together in a very naturally sociable way.

I mean, additional food and super chill vibes… Show me a Festival Bride that doesn’t want more o’dat!

And, of course, the signage (OH, the signage!)…

101323Blackboards, rustic wooden arrows, scrawled, handwritten fonts… It’s all just SO on point and trés inviting.

The grazing table is all about encouraging your guests to feel at home, enjoy the space and to feel free to delve in and share the delights before them.

1687Now, when you’re thinking about how to serve your food, again accessorising is K-E-Y.

If, like us, you’re head over heels for natural boho vibes, look to nature for your serving options. Roughly cut slate, wooden hand-carved bowls, tables scattered with foliage or complimentary coloured blooms…

There’s kind of a foraging vibe about the grazing table. It’s very hands on and should be almost a little fascinating to look at. Nothing too structured, food should be scattered without too much precision and on different levels (we love the use of old cupboard draws in the above image to gain a bit of height on your table) so that it’s almost a discovery for your guests, an exploration of the table.

52011812 31Left: the Lane  Right: Style Me Pretty

17 30Left: the Lane  Right: The Knot

33We’re just BESOTTED.

Like gimmie it all. Now, preferably.

Another great point about grazing tables, and it figures really, is that where food is, people go.

So if you’ve got an outside space or a particular view that you’re keen for your guests to enjoy, put your table there.

Having a load of your photos taken in a certain room at the venue and keen to avoid having an audience while you’re being shot?! (Oh I hear you, girl!). Then go ahead and use your grazing table to guide your guests away from that area. I can guarantee that your grazing space will prove the hub of activity!

1121 32Left: the Lane  Right: the Lane

And who’s to say your grazing table needs to be the ever-popular cheese/antipasto board?

Why not let your guests play with their food a little? Let them add a dash of their favour seasoning themselves or, if you dare, let them pop their own bottle of bubbles (DIY is so in, in every sense right now!).

And summer weddings? Serve refreshing slices of fruit, or allow guests to dress their own drink with slices of citrus… Because hello? What’s prettier than sliced tropical fruit?

Major summer vibes!

2426282927And of course, ice lollies.

I mean, lCE LOLLIES. Have your venue serve platters of these pretty pops!

Ok, guys, I gotta run… My supermarket’s local deli is now sc-reaming my name. For real, though!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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