We’ve covered veils, we’ve covered feather headdresses and we’ve covered floral garlands – surely that is everything in the alternative bridal hair accessory wedding world right? Wrong!

Emerging from the US is a festival fashion trend that is just starting to trickle through to the bridal industry in the UK. It is a trend that we are huge fans of and if I was to ever renew my vows, it would be wearing one of these. Festival Brides – meet the bridal crown.

crownedbride32 crownedbride33 crownedbride34

Now I’m not talking regal crowns here nor am I referring to the more mainstream tiaras we see adorning the heads of traditional brides. No. What I’m talking about are hand made pieces designed with the free spirited girl in mind who wants to wear something bohemian, funky and bold on her wedding day. A crown that is playful, fun, quirky, stylish and captures a unique part of your personality.

Whether you are looking for something subtle to complement your bridal style or you desire a statement piece that is guaranteed to turn heads, we have done our homework and have found you a selection of uber cool fashion forward suppliers who I just know you are going to love.

So sit back on your thrones beautiful brides to be, relax and pour yourself that glass of wine because you are about to get lost in the magical world of the bridal crown.

1. Amaroq


Amaroq, a US based company, design the most bold and wildly beautiful crowns. Inspired by the lawless spirit of the Lone Wolf, their designs aim to capture the wolf’s ‘wild soul and unshakeable confidence, so that those bold enough to walk their own paths can carry with them the essence of Amaroq.’

crownedbride-1 downloadcrownedbride-2crownedbride-4

2. Flight of Fancy Designs

crownedbride2 crownedbride3

I am in love with Flight of Fancy Designs Crowns. Each piece is a collaboration of hand-made items and carefully curated objects and they are so different from anything I have seen before. They capture that wild free spirited soul that we are always referring to on Festival Brides and, due to their use of crystals, each piece carries a mystical and healing connection to it too.

Their latest collection, pictured above, is inspired by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon – I mean can you get much cooler than that!?


3. Jennifer Behr

The incredibly talented Jennifer Behr majored in sculpture and art history and this comes as no surprise when you see her stunning luxurious crowns. Each piece echos that of a certain era and her designs are intricate, delicate and come with so much detail.

I. Love. Them.


4. Bloom Design Studio

I have been a huge fan of Mother and Daughter team Laura and Kyra, creators of Bloom Design Studio, for a long time and LOVE their collection of lace crowns. What you see is what you get with these very pretty pieces. I think they would be the perfect addition to your bridal look or maybe even for your bridesmaids?

They also do crowns for little ones too! How sweet would your flower girl look with a smaller version of one of these….

crownedbride15 crownedbride16 crownedbride17

5. Neesie Designs

Fun and playful, these ‘delightfully sassy’ lace crowns tick all the boxes when it comes to festival weddings because of the ‘dress up’ connotations they have. I especially love their tall lace golden crown pictured third from the top.


6. Adorned Event Design

Adorned Event Design created this gorgeous Wheat Crown for a Native American Prairie Styled Shoot they did in collaboration with photographer Chelsea Mitchell Photography. Although they don’t sell bridal crowns directly, I loved this design so much that I had to feature it. Something like this would look so beautiful on top of the locks of a Festival Bride. I’m sure if you contacted your florist, they may be able to create something very similar for you – its worth a try?


7. Love Sparkle Pretty

This beautiful earthy bridal crown from Love Sparkle Pretty is created with white berries intertwined among hand shaped natural vigne metallique – a bark covered wire to design this unique piece. Gold berries are then carefully arranged within the crown to finish its look.

This piece is the perfect adornment for the ethereal inspired bride.

We Love.

crownedbride28 crownedbride29

8. Feather and Coal

New bridal label Feather and Coal is the brain child of Emily Kent, a professional hair stylist who has used her experience in hair styling to develop a range of fashion forward headpieces. Each piece is designed to be versatile and wearable whether clients are fitting them on their own or with the aid of a professional stylist.

The beautiful crown pictured below was designed based around the classic tiara but with a more modern edge.

We think it is gorgeous.

crownedbride30 crownedbride31

9. Dana Smyl

Finally we have something completely different. How about a bridal crown that sweeps across the top of your head like a flower garland but then continues down your back?

This STUNNING golden crown does just that! Designed by Dana Smyl Event Florist, this has to be my favourite crown of all the ones we have featured today. It is just so beautiful and I love the shaping it creates down the brides back.


For image credits and links on all the suppliers we have featured today, please click on the images.

So……..has this blog convinced you to maybe ditch the veil in favour for a crown? I know I’m sold!

Happy Tuesday Lovely People.

Big Bridal Crown Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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