Forget the shoes and sore feet scenario on your free spirited day.. Go for bare feet!! It would be rude not to in this stunning weather. I pretty much walk everywhere barefoot as often as I can. It’s such a freeing feeling!!! The thought of squeezing hot feet into shoes or sandals just makes me squirm.

And with so many ideas to dress your feet, you can really style up the look!! We love au natural all the same….


We totally love the idea of painting your feet with sparkles and jewels.. So so pretty!!


What about crochet sandals for a pretty vintage look?? We love the barefoot sandals we found on etsy…or our favourite, the more eclectic chain look from etsy also!!


You just have to make sure you get a good pedicure.. but this option saves a fortune!! No Jimmy Choos here…

Great for dancing the night away and we think this look makes a beautiful photograph especially in woodland. My only issue would be my 6 ft 2 fiancé.. Might need a stool for the first kiss xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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