Good morning, brides-to-be! I hope you babes woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed because boy do you need to on it for today’s post. We’re showcasing the 2017 bridal fashion trends from across the globe that you need (NEED) to know about for the coming year!

From serious seventies influences that’ve produced the bell sleeve trend and brought back the pussy bow neckline, to some seriously luxurious gowns (think head to toe in shimmering sequins or luxe silk slips) it’s gonna be one wild ride!

We’re welcome new shapes for 2017: from shoulder grazing capes, to the reimagined backless gown and there might even be a few structured shoulders!

We’ll also take a look at the fabulously intricate fabrics of the 2017 collections: big bold print lace, 3D floral adornments, layered ruffle shoulders and elegant peeping sheer skirts.

Then come the statement details, truly unforgetable: the lace up gowns, the bursts of coloured embroidery, 2017’s take on the ever-popular fringe trend, a few delicately feathered dresses, a few crisp minimal lines and a revival of the chic tea-time length gown.

Let’s kick things off with the major trends we’ve been seeing (and obsessing over) for 2017, and then towards the end of the gallery, we’ll move into a few of the more designer specific, minor trends that seem to creeping into the collections. As always, click the images to source the image and designer!

Gosh. Are you as excited as I am?! Let’s go!

Sculpted Florals

Bell Sleeved

Shimmer Shimmer

Laced Up

Ruffled Layers

Big Bold Lace

Slip into Luxe

Caped Shoulders

The Pussy Bow

Backless Reimagined

Tea-Length Time

2017’s Fringe

Sheer Skirts

A Structured Shoulder

Clean Lines

Wisped Feathering

Coloured Embroidery

We are passionate about brides feeling exactly themselves on their wedding day and, my goodness, there’s plenty of scope for that in the 2017 collections! The bridal world has seen such an influx of incredible designers over the past few years; pushing boundaries, breaching sterotypes and opening up the ‘bridal look’ to a sense of true self expression.

…Oh to be choosing a wedding dress again!

Have fun choosing yours, babes.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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