Heck. Yes. HELLO FRIDAY. Oh, and (thereabouts) hello December! Goodness how did we get here?! Although I’m not even mad about it – I am so almost* ready get the tree up and get that cheesy 90s Christmas music on!

*I say almost because first, let’s talk wedding flowers. Specifically, let’s talk about the trend that’s sweeping through the wedding world right now, and is set to be the floral style to embrace (in whatever measure you like, of course!) for your 2019 wedding…

Dried Sun Bleached Blooms

It all started with the pampas grass, and we haven’t looked back since! Dried blooms are cropping up everywhere, and we are here for it. From poppy seed heads, to balls of cotton, Pussy Willow to a classic age-dried rose, we’ve got gigantic dried palm leaves (all the heart-eyes!) as well as bouquets that seamlessly incorporate both dried and fresh stems…

I mean, I can’t even deal with the images in todays post, honestly I’m so swooned-out I need a lie down! So, in the famous words of the Queen:

I don’t think you’re ready for this, jelly…

Let’s get straight down to the nitty-gritty of it shall we? Arguably the most important flowers on your wedding day: the bouquets.

Not only do dried blooms give you a hassle-free take-home memento from the wedding (bonus!), but they are so dynamic as a bouquet. Let’s think about it:

Textures  |  ranging from a light soft, feathery stem, to a bold, crisp leaf

Colours  |  from sun bleached whites, to pale khaki greens, to the depth of a burnt orange, they all have a gorgeous, aged subtly to them

Size Variation  |  from a long feathery pampas stem, to the most delicate sprig of dried baby’s breath

Shape + Structure  |  from the gentle swaying movement of softer stems, to the unwavering drama of solid, woodier piece

Whether you choose an entirely dried bouquet, or combine dried elements into your fresh bouquet (the contrast can prove truly stunning!), we love the abundance of character and unexpected nature of dried stems. Our faves right now are the sheer pearlescent discs of an Honesty plant (Lunaria Annua), such a striking addition to any bouquet.

Wearing your dried blooms is the most obvious second port of call, of course! And it’s happening, increasingly, through the alternative bridal scene. From stunningly aged flower crowns, creating a truly whimsical, ethereal look, to the wonderful subtlety of a dried boutonnière…

Look our for that gorgeous daisy crown (the dried baby’s breath appears even more delicate than normal – we LOVE), and the boutonnière staple of a fluffy dried Hare’s Tail (Lagurus) and again with those pearlescent Honesty plant discs (we cannot get enough!).

Oh and make sure to hold out for the 2019 style corsage – those dried rusty tones with the pale, millennial pink? SWOON

‘So what happens when two of the biggest 2019 trends meet and collide?’


Take the trend for warm earthy tones: we’re thinking calico nudes, a washed-out rusty tone, paired with the ultimate earthy khaki and a flush of honey gold…

Now make it into a dried bouquet or modern floral wall display… Need I say anymore, really?! These two trends were made for each other.

An alternative favour, or additional take-home for your guests, tiny bundles of dried blooms are a gorgeous way to style and complete a place setting.

The versatility of dried flowers just amazes me. I’m genuinely struggling to think of a style of wedding that any given dried stem wouldn’t incorporate beautifully into: from a folksy gathering, to a hippy celebration, even in an industrial urban setting… There’s always a dried bloom for the occasion.

Adding texture and depth to what may be an otherwise flat place setting, they’re simple to create, boundless in potential and versatile beyond belief. While there’s no right way to do this, take note of the loosely cord-bound stems (effortlessly cool), the use of black crockery for a striking contrast, and the single stem thistle head for something perfectly low-key.

If you’re all about the drama when it comes to flowers then a) we should be friends and b) you need dried palm leaves in your life.

Move over pampas grass (potentially?! I”m not sure I’m ready to let go tbh!) increasingly the go-to leaf to create gorgeous floral ceremony structures and painfully cool couple shots is the giant palm leaf.

Stunningly sun-bleached, or that gorgeous sun-burnt orange, they even lend themselves (as do many dried blooms) to being painted or dyed!

In short: with their oversized leaves, crisp edges and crunchy texture they are pure drama, and bring a subtle air of summer to any location.

And finally, because we know drama at a wedding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (jokes!), let’s swing to the other end of the spectrum to conclude…


Dried blooms can be the perfect embodiment of that hyper-feminine delicacy. Feathery whites, barely there stems with their seemingly floating, minuscule seed pods, teased out cotton balls, and (not to harp on about them) but those wonderfully iridescent Honesty discs…

It’s otherworldly; exquisitely delicate.

…And sigh. What a dream! We’re just so stoked that dried blooms are beginning to permeate wedding culture a little more! A firm interior favourite for a long time, in my humble opinion, it’s about time the wedding world came down from the ‘must be fresh’ flower pedestal and recognised the compelling beauty, astonishing versatility and freedom that dried blooms deliver.

Have a gorgeous weekend babes, advent calendars at the ready!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


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