We have been so excited to share this amazing shoot we did last year on the beach!! Yes a beach in the UK and it was squeezed in at the end of September.. We were so lucky with the weather – Blue skies and hot sunshine, what more could we have asked for. We decided on Camber Sands as the shoot location as it has easy access and lovely sand dunes to work with. I was heavily pregnant so the dunes were a killer but the shoot was so much fun and we had a great team to work with. The vision was a beach festival.. We wanted to the colours to be vibrant and summery but still soft and subtle. We chose Heline Bekker as the photographer as we love her soft emotive work!!


The Beach festival shoot was conceptualised to capture the whimsical and ethereal vibe of a chilled festival wedding on the beach. An unstructured and laid back affair where the day is spent amongst the dunes. Playing and listening to chilled out tunes and dancing in the sunlight and sea.


The amazing Frida and Sophia created a beautiful tall tipi covered in flowers and feathers…  This idea could be used for a ceremony arch or as styled decor ideas for your festival wedding. They used some lovely Dahlias in pink, white and mauve, complemented by the romantic Juliet Rose and to add an interesting texture and depth of colour Cockscomb or Brain Celosia.  Adding fresh hops gave a lovely bright green movement to the designs and finished off the look with a subtle muted tone.


Low level Table Setting and printed cushions

Vibrant scattered cushions create a seating arrangement like no other and muted brights of lilac, orange and turquoise pop with a bright and fresh colour scheme. Flowers were scattered across the low level table and draped out of large shells to create a coral of texture and colour. The stylish cushions were from Laura Oakes (I personally love this brand). The stylish ombre stationery was designed by the talented Kate Ruth Romey. We painted shells in vibrant colours to complement the tones on the table added them into the flower and table setting. We chose cutlery, plates and bowls that had textures of the sea – We wanted texture without any obvious beach connotations.


The Golden dress shimmers in the sunlight

The two toned wedding dress by Wilden Bride glimmers in the sun light, shades of green and gold like a sun kissed mermaid. Charlotte is such an amazing designer.. You give her a vision and she just creates it and more. The fabric was stunning and a perfect alternative to a white gown.

dancingthe dress

Ombre Stationary and beach trinkets

Kate Ruth Romey is the superstar behind these designs.. Again a half an hour chat and Kate was well away creating beautifully styled stationery for this shoot. We love the use of feather and shell trinkets to tie this design together – Wild and free!

A Fabric Flag floats in the breeze

We had large sticks left over from our tipi making so we asked Charlotte from Wilden Bride to make some cool festival flags out of scraps of chiffon fabric. We loved the result.. Such an easy DIY idea for your festival flags and oh so feminine and pretty. Hazel is the ideal wood source as its fairly straight and tall.. Floaty flags get our say so!!



Coral beach cake

Liz at Sylvia’s Kitchen worked up a whimsy and beachy cake in a pretty coral tone. Never to styled or perfect we wanted a rough and ready weathered design with a hint of gold! Adorned with flowers and shells, this cake truly shimmered in the golden light. cake

flowersPastel and bright blooms

An array of pastel tones with a bright pink to pop. the bouquet was a soft but impactful part for the look. Tied up with textured ribbon and twine again in soft subtly hues. The peach tones really compliment the beautiful gold dress whilst the pinks create fun and vibrancy against the gentle backdrop. Frida and Sophia have a stunning vision when it comes to blooms!

Hippy love at dusk

We loved this part of the shoot.. The light was getting softer and the vibe was more chilled. We were promoting the idea of low level chilled out seating…. With rugs and cushions as a focus – Texture was a key element here. Very much a less formal approach, we are yet to see this idea really put into action.. I certainly would like it on my tick list!!


Dancing in the moonlight

For us its important to catch movement in our styled shoot. We like to show the model having a good time and enjoying the energy a festival would bring. A fringed shawl will always work well as a dancing tool as well as a long floaty veil.. The more movement the better!


guitar end

Big colourful back drop balloons

Decor and props are of course really important elements of a blank canvas wedding. When yo have space to play with – Fill it with bright beautiful elements to bring your pictures to life. Don’t hold your balloons instead weight them down and create a colourful ground backdrop for your images. Lucky it wasn’t a windy day!

We love the final look – The sequin Sarah Seven dress from Frou Frou and the bright and colourful jewels. Ready to dance barefoot in the sand – This look is laid-back and stylish. oh and you have to add a bit of sparkle to the cheeks, eyes, legs, arms – Well everywhere really! Thanks to Lucy Jayne for bringing the gold leaf!

balloonSo there it is – Our beautiful beach festival shoot. We are proud of this one and we want to thank the fab team involved on the day. Check them out below…


Festival brides – Organisers/concept – www.festivalbrides.co.uk

Photographer – Heline Bekker 

Make-up and Hair – Lucy Jayne Make up 

Flowers – Frida and Sophia

Dresses – Wilden Bride /  Frou Frou Bridal  /  Ell and Cee

Stationary – Kate Ruth Romey 

Plates, Glasses, Cutlery – Zara

Cushions – Laura Oakes

Decor- Tassels and balloons – Eagle Eyed Bride 




Wedding beauty on its way!

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