Back in February we featured a guest post by the wonderful Bee of Bee’s Bakery all about decorating your wedding cake with edible flowers. It went down a treat and you guys loved her tips on what flowers to use and how to source them. You also commented on how delicious all of her cakes looked and they did look unreal.

Today Bee is back and this time she is sharing advice on six ways to factor floral designs into your wedding cake. The examples she has shared will once again make your mouth water. They are more like pieces of art than wedding cakes! The colours and the way she has used the flowers are very beautiful – I think cake is going to definitely have to be on the menu at some point today after viewing these delights!

If you have been thinking of using flowers in someway on your wedding cake then this is a must read. Bee offers such good advice on so many different ways you can use flowers – some simple and some more complicated – so I am sure this will bring you lots of inspiration.

Over to Bee….


Floral Design and Wedding Cakes….

Words by Bee Berrie

Many couples consider flowers and cake to be two of the most important parts of their wedding day, and whilst I’m planning for my wedding next year, I happen to totally agree, along with the food of course!

However, there’s more to “flowers and cake” than just popping a mini bouquet on the top tier of your cake, there are many different ways of incorporating fresh, dried, or even the essence of blooms into your wedding cake.

At Bee’s Bakery, our most popular cake design is one scattered with a confetti of real, fresh, edible flower petals, but interestingly, our most popular cake recipe, also contains flowers. Roses are considered the symbol of love and romance by many couples, and our prosecco, rose petal and raspberry cake is by far our most popular. The sponge recipe contains all three – fresh, fizzy prosecco, tangy real raspberries and beautiful red rose petals, from an organic farm in the UK.

If you’re keen on flowers, but want some new ideas, here are my six favourite ways of incorporating flowers into your wedding cake design:

One – Choose a cake recipe containing flowers, floral essences or even fruity herbs – for example, pistachio and rose, lemon and lavender or orange, thyme and olive oil cake. Consider using an infused syrup to add a depth of flavour to your sponge, e.g. earl grey infusion, or orange blossom water or rose essence.

Two – Incorporate fresh edible flowers into the icing you use to decorate the cake, a little like the below image. This gives a really pretty speckled effect and the flavours of the petals can infuse the icing.

Three – Decorate your cake with miniature bouquets, designed by your florist. Remember that its not safe to poke the stems of the bouquet into the cake as they will contain bacteria, so make sure they’re attached to the outside of the cake, like the below image. Florist flowers are available all year round, and you can also match the theme of your decorative flowers quite easily.

Four – Use organic, edible flowers to cover your cake in a confetti of petals – they’re available in many different shapes, styles and colours, which can be matched to your bouquet flowers or general wedding theme.

Five – The flowers we use on our wedding cakes are grown on an organic farm in Devon, and as such have a limited flowering season. To get around this, in the winter season there are several alternative options. We can use beautiful dried flowers and petals, and work with herb leaves for added colour and texture, we can also use dehydrated fruit “petals” – like in the below images. These are made from fresh tropical and british fruits, which can be stained using food colourings to match any colour theme.

Six – A new style of cake that has become really popular for us at Bee’s Bakery is the printed cake, or wallpaper cake. For this design, we print a beautiful botanical illustration in edible ink, onto edible paper and apply this to the outside of the cake. We then will often use real blooms, in similar colourways and varieties to add extra glamour to the cake. The possibilities are endless with this design, and we can even commission bespoke botanical patterns to use on the cake.

About Bee’s Bakery….

Bee’s Bakery wedding cakes are hand-made to order in Bee’s railway arch in East London. Bee’s cakes have been featured by Vogue, Stylist, Brides magazine, and the Observer’s Top 5 and featured on television on ITV, BBC 2, and on Mary Portas’s recent “What Britain Buys” series.

Bee’s cakes are often decorated with beautiful organic UK-grown edible flowers and fruits, and edible printed botanical illustrations. Totally customisable, her designs can be adapted to suit any budget, and many different tastes, from traditional fondant and royal iced fruit cake, to “semi-naked” partially iced cakes covered in edible petals.

Recipes available range from traditional victoria sponge and St Clements cake, to stunning prosecco and rose petal cake, earl grey cake with lemon buttercream, and a wide range of specialist cakes for gluten free, dairy free, or vegan guests, including an orange, olive oil and thyme cake, and a vegan chocolate fudge cake.

Bee is Leiths trained, and has been an apprentice to Peggy Porschen Cakes, she is also the author of two award-winning Cake decorating and biscuit baking recipe books, and is a qualified food stylist.

If you would like to talk to Bee about your wedding cake, please contact her via her website or through her Facebook Page. You can also keep up to date with her latest designs by following her on Instagram.

Massive thanks to Bee for sharing this post with us today. Time for tea and cake me thinks!


Big Wedding Cake Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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