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It is with so much pleasure, that today I get to talk to you about one of my favourite topics right now: natural skincare. It’s a trend that is huge right now among women (and men!) in ‘the know’ and with damn good reason too, becoming your own ‘Kitchen Beautician’ is affordable, all-natural and guess what, it actually works!

Now don’t me wrong, I love a fabulous bronzer and highlighter as much as the next girl, but with the beauty world leaning towards a more bared-faced look on the catwalks and indeed, in the bridal world too, you gotta have a good canvas for your MUA to work with, you know what I mean?

MUA’s are the magicians of the modern world, no doubt, but if a bride rocks up with already fresh, already dewy and already glowing skin… Well, that’s quite the perfect start!

A good base, a healthy foundation (pun totally intended) of skin to begin with, is the key to looking super fresh-faced and downright glowing goddess on your wedding day and these tried and tested (no really, you’re gonna hear me obsess swoon over each of them!) ingredients are easily sourced, affordable and honestly work.

So, without any further ado, let’s uncover some of the secrets the beauty world doesn’t tell you are probably already sitting pretty in your kitchen cupboard!

188Because, I mean, who doesn’t want Miranda Kerr’s unfathomably clear skin on their wedding day?!

Of course, it’s at this point I should mention that these concepts are recommended off the back of my own personal use and research, but I am not however, a beautician or dermatologist. So please, if you’re unsure and believe there’s a chance your skin may react, do patch test any of the below products before using on your face and where possible, always try and opt for organic, pure ingredients, checking the label for any unwanted, added elements before purchase/use.

…Now we’ve got the serious bit over with, let’s go get you some gloriously glowing skin!

One: Sugar Scrub

Ok, so this? This is my vice right now!

After delving in to the archives of my all time favourite beauty vlogger, Jacyln Hill’s YouTube channel late one night about a fortnight ago, I found her skincare regime and really? I died of happiness as she unveiled this little secret to me.

The sugar scrub. It can be as simple as a bag of organic finely ground (or soft brown, if you’ve more sensitive facial skin) sugar, mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil, until a paste is formed, et voilá… With just two commonly found kitchen cupboard ingredients you’ve created the most amazing exfoliator I’ve ever laid my paws on!

Like honestly? Let’s have a bit of real talk here: personally, I suffer with clogged pores and chronically dry, chapped lips. I’m an unfortunate face-toucher, I lean my chin or my forehead on my hand all day long at my desk, and it’s a recipe for pore disaster, but just 2 weeks of using this scrub on a daily basis and there has been a noticeable difference in my pores! Like really, those who have the pleasure (pah! Yeah right!) of seeing me bare-faced on a daily basis, have noticed the difference in my skin.


Why does it help?

So, the science behind it!

First up, sugar might be super bad for you when eaten, but don’t be fooled! Used topically, it is a natural humectant, in other words it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help hydrate your skin and raise moisture levels.

But there’s more, oh yes! Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid. When left to soak in after scrubbing, it penetrates the skin and breaks down the “glue” that bonds skin cells (sounds scary, right?! Read on, it gets better!) which, in turn, encourages cell turnover and generates fresher, younger-looking skin.

And finally, of course, sugar’s fine particles make an amazing topical exfoliant, and are used to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and reveal the healthier, glowing skin beneath.


How do I make it + apply?

So, you can either use the very basic technique I described above (which I’ve found to be just great for me) or you could go ahead and jazz it up a little with this fabulous DIY tutorial by Mother Mag for a brown sugar and honey scrub to polish your body, and/or an antioxidant and vitamin E packed strawberry sugar face scrub.

Then to apply, if using all over your body, which I LOVE to do, everywhere should benefit from a good polish in the lead up to one’s wedding (oh hayyy, honeymoon bod!), then go ahead and apply the scrub all over your wet skin in the shower and scrub using a flat palm, in gentle circular motions, targeting any problem areas. You’ll find the sugar dissolves a little after a while, but that’s all good, I kinda use that as my timer; you know you’ve had a good, sustained scrub if the sugar’s dissolved! I like to leave it to soak into my skin for a couple of minutes at this point (we want aall dem benefits!) then simply rinse away.

Use a slightly gentler technique with your facial skin, using 2 or 3 fingers in circular motions on wet skin, again targeting problem areas, including any dry chapped skin on your lips, before rinsing away.

The key is to be diligent with your routine, I scrub at least once a day at the moment, as I’m trying to get my skin to the point I want it to be at, and genuinely, the results have been amazing!

And FYI, this scrub will make any foundation literally *glide* on and makes for beautifully smooth lipstick-ready lips too!

54 10

Two: Apple Cider Toner

This is a firm favourite in the beauty routine of many, and I include myself in that notion!

Sounds super weird, right? Vinegar, I mean, really!

Just go with it, it’s an incredible ingredient all round for your body, but not least, it’s an insanely good toner for those with oily, problem areas or the pimple-prone among us (again, I include myself here!).

Why does it help?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, so it’s gonna clean up all that bacterial sitting on your skin (I know we like to think we’re all fresh and clean as a daisy after a face wash, but unfortunately that just ain’t the truth, girl!), plus it helps balance the pH of your skin which, I recently learnt, is actually supposed to be slightly acidic (who knew, right?!).

So ACV is gonna help prevent pimples, clean out your pores allowing your skin to breath a little more and balance any oiliness or combination skin.

Sounds amazing right? Ummm, that’s ’cause it is!


How do I make it + apply?

Suuuuuper simple, guys and girls!

Equal parts ACV to filtered water in a little bottle, shake ’em up, apply to a cotton pad and swipe over either your entire face, T-zone or dab on problem areas; you do you.

If you find that’s a little strong for your skin, go ahead and dilute the ACV further, it’ll still do it’s job, and remember to opt for organic, good quality, unrefined ACV… This is your face after all!

This little infographic by The Beauty Department covers it all…


Three: Castor Oil Brow Serum

Ok, so a little more real talk for you: I have a problem brow.

I know, I know, ‘Brows are sisters, not twins, Clare!’

Preach it sister!

BUT, when one of your brows literally has an entire patch missing – that sister is not pulling her weight.

[Enter hero product stage left]

Castor oil. Say what?!  You might’ve heard of castor oil used as a remedy for all other natures of ailment, but it’s also hands down the best ingredient for hair stimulation and growth and, whether you have a problem brow like myself, or you’d just like naturally fuller brows (and/or lashes, FYI) to frame and enhance that natural beauty of yours, then you need to get some of this super affordable ingredient in your life, honey!

Why does it help?

Castor oil is full to the brim of yummy nutrients: it’s high in Vitamin E, various minerals and proteins, Omega 6, and 9 beneficial fatty acids. It’s also naturally antibacterial and antifungal and has an unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio which helps increase circulation to the skin and improve hair growth.


How do I apply?

Again, another super simple product to use. I’d recommend using this oil nightly as soon as possible, but at least a month in advance of your wedding to see fuller brows and lashes by the time you reach the big day!

I’m all about this organic oil by Pukka, but there are cheaper variations to be found on Amazon, that work just as well!

Simply apply this rather thick oil (don’t be put off by this, it’s a miracle worker) every night to your brows and/or lashes with a clean mascara wand, or gently with your fingers, being sure to massage into the base of the hair follicles to stimulate the skin and be sure to coat the existing hairs from root to tip also, and then simply enjoy waking up to fuller brows and lashes!

Again, see it done in the graphic below by the the ever wonderful Beauty Department


Four: Moroccan Argan Oil

OH MY. This? This is incredible.

Another secret that my new BFF (as I like to believe), Jaclyn Hill exposed to me (and her other 1 million subscribers!): just a few drops of Moroccan Argan Oil to cover your face before bed will see you wake up – and I make no overstatement here whatsoever – a GLOWING GODDESS.

Just read on girl, read on!


Why does it help?

So, this product is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and there’s a damn good reason for that! Argan oil contains super high levels of Vitamin E, as well as promoting healthy collagen (yes, it is the Holy Grail, the elixir of youth), treats acne, and any premature signs of ageing that may be rearing their ugly heads… Hey, it’s wedding planning, this stuff can be stressful!

And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, Argan is also non-comedogenic, a.k.a. it won’t clog your pores, but it will moisturise!



How do I apply?

Again, super simple! A lot of Argan oils come in a glass bottle and have a little dropper, post evening cleanse/exfoliation, simply drop a 1-2 drops for normal/combination skin, or 2-3  for drier skin and gently massage into your skin, focussing on any dry areas and leave on over night.

Wake. Up. Glowing.

Start this one ASAP, brides-to-be, but again, a minimum of a month before the big day and you’ll find your face transformed: pores unclogged and skin naturally glowing! The perfect base for any bridal beauty look!

17Now fly my pretties, fly!

Hoping you guys find these magical little beauty secrets as amazing as I have – please do share your comments, experiences and questions below!

Like I say, I’m no expert and we always welcome fresh ideas and wisdom!

Here’s to you fresh-faced, naturally beautiful brides!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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