Afternoon Lovely Peeps and Happy Friday! I hope you all have a good weekend planned. We have an absolute treat for your bohemian eyes today in the form of a gorgeous shipwrecked inspired beach wedding shoot by Blue Fizz Events.

Set on the South West Coast of Devon and featuring some of our festival wedding recommended suppliers such as Freckle Photography and The Plank Company, this shoot captures bohemian wedding castaway perfectly. From the gorgeous feathered crown by my new found headdress love, Feathered Fantasy, to the drift wood accessories by Vanilla Huts. The delicate lace wedding dress by Days of Grace is just so pretty and we love how the bridal statement jewellery mirrors the same vibe as the stationery by Knots and Kisses. There is so much wedding pretty in this shoot, especially for those of you planning a beach wedding.

Tracy, the super talented creative mind behind this gorgeous piece of wedding inspiration, talks us through her ideas for the shoot and all the suppliers involved.

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Set Yourself Adrift….

We at Blue Fizz events are extremely lucky to work in the South West and beyond! We are constantly on the road and cover all areas from farms, to moorland, to castles and country estates to the quintessential Marquee weddings so popular with brides and grooms, yet there is a growing trend in off grid and pop up weddings set in remote locations and using a registered licensee on the day.

Far From The Madding Crowd….

I wanted to inspire couples with the idea of being able to get married far from the madding crowd, somewhere that the environment engulfs you at every turn and nature is your backdrop. The location that I wanted to feature was Crow Point, a windswept and remote sand bar and dune smothered estuary on the North Devon Coast, it is somewhere that has special meaning to us and our family’s and its raw beauty and abandoned skeletons of old fishing boats and driftwood set my mind on a shipwrecked narrative that I based all my ideas around.

I had the idea of using the colours of the shipwreck within the storyboard, so many beach themed weddings can be very neutral and I wanted to inspire brides and grooms to bring in a splash of colour and vibrancy against the usual washed out sands and shell themes.

An Edwardian Vibe….

The other train of thought was the idea of an Edwardian vibe and the elements of these being washed up on foreign shores and the combination of the quintessential English lace and high tea combined with exotic blooms, beachcombed possessions and a barefoot ethereal scene that our castaway bride and groom would find themselves in. I was also inspired by my travels to South Africa in particular the Bright orange and red hues of the Protea flowers that matched the peeling paint on the shipwrecks battered hull. I had all the elements in my mind and from there it’s down to our extraordinary suppliers to bring it all to life!

A Castaway Bride….

Alongside being a stylist I also teach Art and Design and Fashion and Textiles at college level. One of my students Natalie Perkins was creating festival inspired headdresses in one of her projects and I asked her if we could use one of them in the shoot, the same student had also modeled before and was perfect for what I had in mind for my castaway bride! I picked up on some of the white face painting done in South Africa and asked our wonderful makeup artist Claire Bowring to create a strong look incorporating these ideas and a heavy indigo eye as I wanted a dramatic contrast with the hair make up and accessories on our model in juxtaposition with her delicate vintage lace dresses selected from the stunning range available at Days of Grace in Budliegh Salterton. The hair I knew I wanted big and windswept tendrils and Racheal at Steven & Laurent created a masterpiece with such impact and our look was complete! I sourced vintage jewellery and used items that we have collected ourselves to add interest and used shards of ribbons to tie around our models arms and to sync in the waist of the dresses. I wanted to focus on the intricate details of the cotton lace and the freedom of being barefoot and on the water’s edge so teamed the dress with a simple short slip to bring the look up to date. We were also lucky enough to be able to use a stunning headdress supplied by Feathered Fantasy that stole the scene!

Supplier Love….

The overall look was exactly what I had wanted to achieve! Our flowers were supplied by Kelly at Off Shore Blooms who hit the brief I gave her completely using a selection of structural and wild foliage alongside my request for Protea. Our cakes were made by Cherry Blossom and were a selection of different styles simply adorned with matching flowers and gentle washed out colours echoing our palette throughout. We placed these on mismatched stands set simply by the rocks and water’s edge.

I asked our stationary provider Knots and Kisses to work with the same palette and wanted something that related to a festival feel Nicky created a perfect selection of work that again hit on the beach elements but packed a punch. We were also able to feature cards and décor items handmade from driftwood found in the area by Jackie Arch at Vanilla Huts. I used one of her driftwood garlands as a centrepiece on the table styling. I found an old lace cover and vintage tea cups and saucers sat alongside our exotic flower arrangements and created an informal setting for a wedding breakfast with your toes in the sand. The bespoke tables and benches were supplied by The Plank Company who hire out a large range of furniture and incredible domes for weddings and events. It was Ed from The Plank Company that agreed to be our Robinson Crusoe Groom for the day!

Emma at Freckle Photography was amazing on the day, wading through water, sand and mud on the estuary, holding out to get the later shots where the storm clouds were building and the wind picked up to bring this shoot the drama and natural energy it has. All in all we wanted to explore our imaginations and from drawing on a variety of elements and themes we created a look that couples can draw on either to take reference for the palette, the mood or simply the idea of thinking outside the box and looking at having your wedding in a location that is true to you and your own slice of wild paradise!

The Line Up

Styling, Concept & Direction: Blue Fizz Events
Wedding Dress: Days of Grace
Bridal Accessories: Days of Grace /Blue Fizz Events
Hair: Rachel at Steven & Laurent 
Make Up: Claire Bowring 
Cake: Cherry Blossom Cakes

Flowers: Off Shore Blooms 
Photography: Emma at Freckle Photography

Main Headdress: Feathered Fantasy
Stationery: Knots and Kisses
Driftwood Accessories: Vanilla Huts

Bespoke Tables and Benches: The Plank Company
Turquoise Headdress: Natalie Perkins
Models: Natalie Perkins & Edward Knight


Wedding beauty on its way!

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