9Oh heeyyyy!

So, I’m not gonna lie to you, and I’m sure some of you will scathe me for saying this, but I’m starting to get a little jingling, a little merry rosy-cheeked festive feeling!

I know and I’m sorry, I can’t help it though, and having nailed the best part of my Christmas shopping yesterday, (ah yeah, gurl, *diva clicks*) I couldn’t help but find myself in the mood as I researched this post. So, I’m kinda #sorrynotsorry really!

I’m gonna ease you in gently, just a little hint of something Christmas-esq; wreaths of foliage. My little love affair with wreath décor began when I was researching my own wedding, so it’s a rather long-time love. I stumbled across the South African wedding of Karin and Craig which, incidentally, is one of my all-time favourite real weddings (seriously, prepared to be wow-ed).The gorgeous Karin and her hubby-to-be decorated their blank canvas with layered rustic rugs, vintage clay bottles and, of course, a series of absolutely beautiful all-green wreaths.

I mean, SA-WOON!

212223If my beau and I had held our reception at a more blank canvas of a venue, we’d have totally embraced this beautiful, natural motif. We’ve talked about the gorgeous symbolism behind circles on FBrides before: that never ending ring of love. Add a dose of understated, chic foliage and I am game set and match.

Hang them in trees as a ceremony back drop or at the peak of your barn’s pitch with the addition of vintage festoons for ultimate rustic warmth.


4 and 11Left: Manon 21  Right: Wedd Book 10And, of course, if you’d rather incorporate a bit of colour, go right on ahead. The wreath concept is a totally open book! Personally, I’m a huge foliage-only fan, but the addition of a natural heather or a white bloom proves equally gorgeous and minimal.

16172That twig and gypsophilia wreath… Come on, it’s mind-blowingly elegant, especially against the distressed wood wall.

And, of course, wreaths can be hung in various fashions, and we’re SUCH fans of the chandelier style that seems to be growing in popularity of late. The perfect addition to any barn-style venue, an oversized hoop of foliage, with trailing pieces is just the most gorgeous, all-natural way to enhance your venue.

Go for luscious shades of emerald or spindly delicate greens, allow them to seemingly hover with invisible thread, or use rope or chains for a truly rustic chandelier style. Either way, we’re all. Over. It.

1181319Ok, ok, so what if, like me, your venue ain’t such a blank canvas, albeit still drop-dead gorgeous in it’s pre-decorated state, but you really wanna embrace this wreath motif?

Gotcha covered, lady, because mini wreaths are still a huge deal in the world of boho weddings! Take a length of your favourite herb for a fragrant little place name or napkin ring, decorate a dessert table with a scattering of mini wreaths (with the obligatory addition of a marble surface, of course, we CANNOT get enough!) or delicately adorn cupboard handles with a little foliage wreath.

Any which way, it’s all just SO freakin’ BEAUT.

123 and 14Left: Gillian Stevens  Right: Martha Stewart Weddings 5620

Finally, it remains a serious trend to have your invites sport a divine water-coloured wreath design. Think sweet muted shades of green paired with an otherwise monochrome colour scheme and a handwritten calligraphy-style text and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a seriously gorgeous stationery set. 7

Laura Nelson | Snippet & Ink

And, just because I can be this self indulgent, can we take a moment to ‘coo’ and ‘ahh’ at this chair wreath from the South African wedding I mentioned earlier:

I can’t even…

24…And pick your jaw back off the floor… There we go honey, don’t worry my reaction was something similar!

Now, go pay your florist a slightly premature wreath visit and talk anything but holly and red ribbons, okay?

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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