6Well now, Happy Christmas Eve lovely readers!

It seemed only appropriate, (in fact, it seemed completely necessary!) to share some of our favourite festive Pinspiration with y’all as our last post before Christmas. There is a wealth and I mean like, WEALTH of beautiful imagery around at the moment, but if you’re lucky enough to be planning yourself a little winter wedding for next year, arguably it could all get a little overwhelming, hey let’s be honest here, it could all get a little over exciting!

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our best bits, along with a few hugely helpful tips to help you restrain your inner child and ensure that your wedding is more festive chic than Santa’s tinsel-covered grotto!

So sit back, a tipple of your fave winter warmer in hand, turn up a bit of Bing and let’s get seriously Christmassy, but in like a super chic way…

167First up, y’all need to know that a winter wedding can embrace a traditionally Christmassy palette and not look cheesy.

How? Simple: change the predominant colour.

So, when I say traditional palette, I’m talking red, green and maybe a dash of white. The key to taking what is effectively the colour scheme for Santa’s elves uniform and making it classy, is to take a leaf out of Scandinavia’s oh-so-chic book.

Like seriously, though, those guys know how to do Christmas in style.

The main change is to make white your predominant colour, adorning this clean backdrop with flourishes of green and only hints of red. So, if we’re talking ratios, think of an entire wall of white hung with a chunky, fresh green garland, scattered with just a few, bright red berries.

It’s clean, it’s fresh and it’s chic with just a hint of something festive. Per-fect.

121721 22Left: Flickr  Right: Nicole Franzen

3444Now, there’s something else you need to know about this take on the festive look: if you’re gonna embrace a christmassy colour palette for your wedding, you might wanna tone down the festive symbolism.

I mean, you can still totally use wreaths (more on our love of them here!), and sure you can still serve a star shaped cookie, but maybe consider a less festive form of foliage for that wreath and I’d definitely avoid traditional Christmas decorations like baubles and fairy lights and this is one of the few (and they’re like, seriously few!) instances when I’d recommend refraining from using glitter (yes, I did just say that!).

Keep it clean, minimal and let the colour scheme do all the carol singing… If you know what I mean!

274 5Left: Flickr  Right: Scoutmob

26And who’s to say that using these little hints of red need stop with your decor?

If done subtly, avoiding stereotypically festive patterns/fabrics/glitter a very controlled touch of red can be the perfect addition for a winter bride or her maids…

3231I love that this sweet little maid is carrying just a single spring of Gypsophilia. Perfectly delicate and reminiscent of a smattering of snow… Beautiful.

1Ok, so this next concept is for those winter brides who fancy just a hint of something festive at their winter wedding.

Still a major trend in the interior design world, rustic bells are an insanely awesome way to introduce something festive-yet-super-on-trend to your winter wedding.

Subtly hung round door handles, or bought in varying sizes and shape, suspended as a ceremony backdrop, old and preferably rusty bells are a beautiful addition to a predominantly white palette.

41 42Left: Factory Direct Craft  Right: Bohemia Design

2940Another understated nod to the festivities is the  use of fairy lights.

Although they’re used all year round at weddings, there’s still something definitely festive about the faithful fairy light.

We love the unconventional arrangements we’re seeing on Pinterest right now, clustering lights in bell jars, or draped over ornate mirrors, amidst over-sized peacock feathers… Again it’s the perfectly controlled nod to the festive season…

89433050Now, on the flip side of things, there is another way to embrace the festivities around your winter wedding.

Totally different to our first theory, one can maintain using traditionally Christmassy symbols and materials, but utilise an entirely un-festive colour scheme to up the classiness.

Let me demonstrate firstly with the use of grey. Whether it’s employing stone or steel ornaments, or by simply juxtaposing your Christmassy palette against a slate backdrop, this effortlessly cool shade just takes everything to a new level of chill…

103714 19Left: Family Holiday  Right: Sweet Little Peanut

1836If grey ain’t your thing (Really?! Sorry, but we can’t be friends), then y’all might wanna consider introducing a little black.

I know, I know, a little unconventional for a wedding, but it doesn’t need to permeate the entire decor scheme. Just a few flashes will cut through the Christmassy vibes with a very cool, very edgy knife.

Check it out!

381145We just LOVE the use of black and copper together; the ultimate festive-chic palette.

35391325If you’re a huge fan of the pine tree, then again, everything in moderation, babe.

Use single sprigs, placed delicately in an oversized bulbous glass vase as a minimal but stunningly effective centre piece.

Paired with pine cones, they make a beautifully natural decor scheme, again with just an undertone of festivity.

23 283346Last but not least: these brown card babies.


32The perfect way to go full-on winter wonderland, you know, the WORKS, while keeping it cool.

Of course, the only answer is brown card. Understated in it’s very nature, this material makes winter wonderland look industrial warehouse-cool.

47 48 4915 20Left: Yves Town  Right: Flickr

…And at the end of day, as with all elements of your planning (and your Christmas!), remember to have a little fun… Yes, even with your decor!

So, from all of us here at Festival Brides, all that remains is to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we’ll catch up with you all before 2014 is out!

Peace, love + big fat kisses!

Clare X


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