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We have a gorgeous Ibiza inspired bohemian festival wedding to share with your lovely eyes today.

Featuring the work of Natalie from Curious Fair and World Inspired Tents, Sarah and Tristan hoped to mix the chilled vibes of a festival with the bohemian glamour of Ibiza for their wedding, all set on a beautiful wilderness reserve in the Suffolk countryside.

Sarah certainly channelled Ibiza’s sunset strip with her gorgeous Halfpenny London wedding dress which we just love. Such beautiful detail and she looked stunning. Their décor also captured the essence of the party isle with a colour palette of hot pink, gold, orange and turquoise and plenty nods to it’s fiesta roots.

Natalie from Curious Fair and World Inspired Tents talk us through the planning and execution of Sarah and Tristan’s day….

When A Bohemian Festival Met Ibiza…..

Words by Curious Fair

Sarah has a background in events and had a strong idea of how she wanted her wedding to look visually; a relaxed festival vibe with an Ibiza twist. The Wilderness Reserve was the perfect setting for this glamping theme, a luxury manor house set amongst the beautiful Suffolk countryside with plenty of space for a Nordic tipi.

It was great working with Sarah to create her dream styling as she wanted to make it personal whilst keeping it fun for her guests which is our perfect approach as wedding stylists.

We went on a journey moving from initial bohemian festival designs developing them into a glam Ibiza inspired look. Sarah & Tristan wanted to incorporate their memories throughout the design including their favourite photos displayed on their colour pop seating plan & including important locations as their wedding feast table names ‘Ibiza, Uluru, Monaco, Cap D’ali, Palm Springs’ to name a few.

To create the Ibiza twist on the festival inspired styling, we injected hot pinks, golds, turquoises & oranges into the mix. We loved creating the honeycomb tipi ceiling decor including two bespoke giant gold heart piñatas we made for guests to dance beneath!

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Whitewashed Reclaimed Wooden Arch & Blooms….

We believe attention to detail is key and loved Sarah’s idea to create a relaxed uniform for her caterers, opting for bespoke glitter dipped feather headdresses in hot pink, gold, ivory & jet black. There were so many bold visual elements within the styling of Sarah & Tristan’s wedding but nothing could beat the stunning natural backdrop they chose for their ceremony which we framed with a whitewashed reclaimed wood arch & blooms for their humanist ceremony at dusk.

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Opening A Present…..

Words by World Inspired Tents.

At World Inspired Tents we work with all sorts of couples with different ideas and visions about how their weddings will look and feel, but from the start Sarah was clearly going to stand out from the crowd. Sarah is most definitely a larger than life character. Not only was she great fun to deal with, she was also extremely focused and determined to make her and Tristan’s big day absolutely their own.

After initial conversations with our Events Manager, Tara, Sarah set her heart on using World Inspired tipis for her wedding. Along with tipis we supplied furnishings and lighting, and worked closely with Sarah’s stylists, Curious Fair, to help realise her vision.

As Sarah and Tristan booked the whole of Sibton Park for a few days either side of their nuptials, they were able to hold a pre-wedding party on the night before the big day. The dinner guests were treated to a full tour of the house, with each course of the dinner served in a different room, culminating in dessert being held in the wine cellar! Some of the fun is captured on the brilliant film created by Cine 8, using a combination of 8mm and Super 16 film, to create this atmospheric, retro / home movie feeling film.

We are lucky to see lots of beautifully styled wedding celebrations take place in and around our tipis, with many unique and individual touches, but rarely have we seen luxury, elegance and cool rustic touches combined so convincingly. Receiving the images from Marta at Riviera Wedding Photography really was like opening a present!

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The Line Up

Photography: Riviera Wedding Photography
Venue: Sibton Park, Wildnerness Reserve
Venue Styling & Stationery: Curious Fair
Tipis: World Inspired Tents
Bride’s Dress: Kate Halfpenny
Groom: Ledger & Davis
Bridesmaids: Cherry Williams
Humanist Celebrant: David Pack
Florist: Mrs Florist
Cake: Joe Gray
Catering: Jo Gray
Entertainment: Heather Hoyle
Makeup: Annabel Callum
Videography: Cine8


Wedding beauty on its way!

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