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So, everyone wants their wedding to be personal to them and make sure they remember as much as they possibly can about their special day… Of course, photos are a big part of that, but what about other ways to remember one of the biggest days of your life? Trinkets that stir fond memories of big smiling faces, flowers, beautiful dresses, friends, family and, of course, the love of your life as they say ‘I do’.

We love the idea of making a scrap book of memories from your wedding day; dry pressing particular flowers, keeping confetti and savouring the memory of it falling slowly to the ground around you and saving wedding favours so that you can keep little parts of your day with you forever.

We wanted to come up with some less conventional ways to help you remember your wedding day alongside photos, videos, scrap books and chats with your best friends reminiscing about the best moments and funniest speeches. We’ve mentioned personalised wedding wristbands before now, and not only are they a cute touch for a festival wedding but also a brilliant way to remember it (especially by wearing them for as long as possible after the actual day, like a real festival!) Not only will it mean you remember your wedding and all of the happy memories but your guests will too.


Wristbands are really versatile and can be used in so many different ways; as tickets to get into your wedding and as wedding favours. Or, if you don’t want people to have to wear them on the day you can use them as save the dates and for wearable memorabilia for hen and stag do’s!

The photos above and below were taken from Laura and Bob’s wedding (that’s Laura from Festival Brides just in case you didn’t make the connection) and are such a brilliant example of how wristbands can be designed to fit with the overall theme and add that little extra detail to your day.


Image Credit – Cotton Candy Weddings

We thought it might be really cool to use wristbands for more than just a quirky wedding accessory and wearable memory. Why not make them a feature so that your guests can become more of a part of your day? Like, Tyvek (paper) wristbands with a QR code  that allow them to upload their pictures of your special day online, contribute to an online scrap book or sign an online guest book so you can remember exactly who attended along with a cute little message and photo? The best news is, it’s all possible!


If you’ve already done something like this or want to, then let us know. We’re always looking to talk to people about their wedding days, original ideas and just generally everything wedding related! How will you remember your big day?

This piece was written by ID&C who produce several different types of wristband including Tyvek wristbands and can help you to create your own personalised wedding wristbands.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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