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Well we have a lovely festival wedding to share with you today.. With family and friends at the centre of the celebrations – A mix of heritage always makes for a good party, with so many traditions the event can only be richer because everyone comes together to celebrate as one.

Over to the happy couple!!

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A polish christmas engagement

It was Christmas Eve and we were having a 12 course meal for his Polish Christmas. Ever since the first time he invited me to join his wonderful family tradition at 16 years old I have been in love with it. It makes Christmas time extra special and we always have lots of good food and vodka on the table. Knowing how much we enjoy sharing this evening and because of our song he took the opportunity to pop the question during the meal. He took me away to a quiet room and all dressed up with the noise of Christmas…

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Inspired by Glastonbury with a mix of Irish/ polish heritage

We made it clear on our invitations that guests were invited to ‘our wedding festival’. So definitely festival themed – when we are at Glastonbury, listening to music having a pear cider in the sun, we are at our happiest and we wanted our guests to share in that feeling at our wedding.

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We wanted a relaxed, natural summer wedding where people felt like celebrating and letting their hair down. We chose to have interesting beautiful things around us – but not so that it felt too perfect or organised – more comfortable yet romantic. We wanted our guests to forget they were at a formal day and enjoy time with us, friends and family – eating lovely food, drinking a few jars, dancing a lot, chatting, sitting in the sun, catching up and soaking up the atmosphere. An atmosphere we hope was full of love, liveliness and happiness.

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The rooms were decorated with steams of handmade bunting covering the ceilings to create a carnival type effect, a large and stunning wedding tree stood proudly in the centre of the rooms with multi-coloured ribbons and beautiful blossom. We had a vintage bicycle and basket for our cards, an old heavy wooden country gate for our table plan, lots of pictures form our time at Glastonbury and a few large format poster murals featuring at least one picture of every guest. Our tables were decorated with jam jars and paper hearts, wine bottle candle holders and natural foliage resting on top of tree trunk sections. Our place names were personalised to every guest listing our favourite memories with them and when there was a couple the two place names joined together to form one design –everyone loved these and many have kept them and displayed them in their homes. The table names were album covers of our favourite bands that we saw live at Glastonbury. We had a handmade banner to sit behind the top table with one of our favourite sayings – We may not have it all together but together we have it all. A bit like our wedding really – we had an eclectic and somewhat mish mash of things but it was all brought together through the love of our family and friends, our heritage and memories together.

Jan & Nicola 079 Jan & Nicola 078

Jan & Nicola 076 Jan & Nicola 088 Jan & Nicola 087 Jan & Nicola 086 Jan & Nicola 085Haybales, lanterns and Persian rugs

Outside we had hay bales, lanterns, festival candles, Persian style rugs, throws and pillows and ribbons/flags on the lawn.

We also had a number of Swedish candles made – these are specially cut large wooden stumps that burn quite furiously to provide light and heat – they look gorgeous.

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Favourite Moments…

There were so many it really is such a special day, even though amongst the wedding planning I couldn’t imagine it –but it’s was the most relaxing, perfect day.

So my favourite moments to name only a few so here are the highlights –

  • my mum giving me my nans sapphire and diamond engagement ring, as my something old and blue
  • my sister (maid of honour) and bridemaids helping me into my dress
  • my dad who was wonderfully patient giving calming advice
  • Seeing my husband to be at the alter and walking in to the most wonderful music
  • Standing outside the church against our camper van and looking back to see a crowd of friends and family with camera flashes , waves, smiles and tears of joys. We felt like royalty!
  • Drinking a bottle of champagne in the camper alone for the first time and kissing my amazing husband – oh and stopping of at a pub to use their toilet – he helped me squeeze my dress into the cubicle.
  • Walking into the venue and seeing the most amazing decoration, people drinking pimms from jam jars and the beautiful soft sounds of our singer xxx –it was perfect exactly as I had hoped.

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Any Advice?

Spend more time on your wedding than you do money.

We left only 12 weeks to plan and execute our wedding and with the help of family and friends we did an amazing job. Despite the stress with many hands made light work and it was the personal touches that we spent the time on that had people smiling and enjoying themselves.

Try and think about what represent you as a couple and what you enjoy. Then find a way to thank your guests for sharing your special day. This way everyone is part of it and feels included. That’s really all you want – not a £1,000 cake or £600 shoes. At the end of the day you won’t remember those bit’s it’ll be the little things that surprise you.

Go with your heart, choose things personal to you and let other people help you. Sometimes we can get a bit obsessed with making everything perfect and you can’t let go of the control. However, try and remember that you’ll be glad of their help in the end… no-one wants to take it ALL on. Plus you’ll have more fun sharing ideas and it’ll probably bring you and your loved ones closer. After all they want the same as you do – a wonderful, memorable day.

In terms of budget – be realistic… whatever your budget is you will likely overspend Not because you cannot manage your money, but because as you get closer to the wedding you have already committed so much you think oh what’s the harm? We might as well do this too or get that. Plus at the beginning you only have a vision of your wedding in your mind– as it starts to come together you’ll embellish here and there – every bride does it. So just make sure you have a contingency fund, that way you won’t get too stressed or feel disappointed if there are things you cannot afford.

The Line Up

Photographer – Light & Lace Photography

Venue – The Warwickshire Gold and Country Club

Bride’s Shoes – Dune

Bridesmaid Dresses – Warehouse

Stationery – Po’sh Creative

Caterers – The Warwickshire

Band – Thom Kirkpatrick

Thanks so much to Nicola and Jan for sharing their special day with us xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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