Here at Festival Brides we are always on the lookout for unique and alternative ways of creating the more traditional aspects of your wedding, whether it’s quirky tea towels as invitations, alternative lighting ideas or using flowers in jam jars instead of grand centrepieces – if it’s different we encourage it!

Today we are looking at seating plans galore and the many ways you can incorporate your theme, personality and even photos of your guests into them. All you need is a creative eye and a bit of imagination.

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If you’re having a vintage/country/travelling theme, why not find an old suitcase (as shown above) from your local charity shop, line the inside with vintage paper/material, attach some string either side and hey presto – you’ve transformed your table plan into something fun and unique and CHEAP. You can even use a selection of suitcases varying in size and style all with different vintage patterns to create a bit of diversity.

For a festival wedding, why not create a festival ‘map’ of your venue with each area being a different table name. You could even incorporate your table plan in with your order of service by having a ‘round the neck’ festival programme with maps, the ceremony, line up of the day and each guest’s table number inside!

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding how about having an advent calendar table plan!? Each ‘window’ has a photo of your guest on the outside and when they open it the table number is inside. Depending on your number of guests you may have to do a selection of calendars or you could have a life sized one! However you do it, it will certainly add a bit of festive fun to your table plan!

There are so many ways you can inject a bit of personality into your seating plans but here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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I love the idea of using photos as part of your table plan. You could ask each guest to send in a photo of themselves (for a festival theme: pictures at a festival/party or in wellies!) pin them to hanging string and write the table number on the back.

In the image below the bride and groom asked their guests to send in their wedding pictures and I think this is a lovely idea! It’s a beautiful personal touch and will make everyone feel special and more involved in your wedding day. May even use this one myself!!!







So there you go – a whole lotta seating plan inspiration. To see more ideas please visit our board on pinterest.

Have a lovely evening! Until tomorrow……………

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