We showed Clare and Jack around the woodlands in Kent just a few weeks ago.. They instantly feel in love with the venue and booked it on the spot for their wedding ceremony in September.. We have loved chatting to Clare about her bohemian plans and ideas… and can’t wait to see the wedding take place. Here is a bit from Clare about how she is making this wedding happen in such a short time frame.. Who says you have to be engaged for 2 years!! xx

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Planning a wedding in 9 weeks. Tough call, but it is doable. The most valuable piece of advice I could give you; consider your venues carefully. Choose somewhere you’d happily get married in tomorrow. Somewhere that already looks beautiful, and suits you. That way, any additional décor or quirks you add are a bonus! We chose the Secret Woodland venue in Kent, and the The Bell Inn Ticehurst.


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The astounding natural beauty of the woodland, meant there was little we felt we needed to add to it, and the ever-present quirks of the Bell meant we simply added a load of church candles to the long tables to decorate.

The next best tip? Draw diagrams. They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, they’re not lying. For the woodland and for the Bell, I drew little sketches (I’m no Picasso) and labeled the backside out of them! It saved me several long, elaborate phone calls, and reduced the margin for error by a mile. Everybody loves a diagram, right?



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Next; use Etsy…. If you haven’t heard of it already it’s like Amazon, but cool. I wanted delicate, rustic flower crowns for my girls and a leaf inspired head piece for myself and Etsy was the perfect accessory/gift shop.

Another tip? Work with great people. As I already mentioned, we chose the Secret Woodland venue in Kent, and between Kelly and Kirsty, the process of booking and organising the venue couldn’t been more straightforward. Similarly, Jhonnie, who hosts weddings at the Bell, instantly adapted to our non-traditional style and embraced everything we asked of him – I felt I could trust him with every little detail! We’re also using Kent Campervans who, at the drop of a hat, let us book the lovely ‘Poppy’ to escort our bridal party of 6 to and from the wedding. These people are RAD, I couldn’t recommend them enough! (if you don’t understand the term RAD just click on the link to be educated about current cool lingo – Don’t worry I wasn’t sure either)

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One final tip, if I may; let it happen organically, don’t over plan. I remind my control-freak self of this about 5 times a day. Your guests will be so chuffed just to be there and celebrate with you, no one’s judging how punctual you are or if your braid is disheveled enough (but not too much)… they just want a good knees up and to see you smiling, so let it be.

We can’t wait for Clare and Jack to marry in September.. So excited for all their plans and smiling at their quick planning and free spirited plans!! It will be a beautiful wedding for such a cute couple xx



Wedding beauty on its way!

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