1What up little elves!

Here it is, your daily instalment of goodies straight from Santa’s grotto over in belting hot, sunny Australia…

Ahem. Yeah, work with me on this one.

Today’s gift inspiration comes in the form of coffee.

This is no ordinary drinkable present thought, oh no! We’re talking ground coffee, mixed with amazing oils and smothered all over your body… The Frank Effect

Oh HEY super soft, stretch mark and blemish free skin… Where the eff have you been all our lives?!

1532Meet Frank Body.

We are quite simply besotted with this amazingly cool, cheeky brand.

Not only is their branding only-in-Australia cool, but the product is (yes, we’ve tried and tested, rather excessively I should add!) absolutely gorgeous.

As Frank says:

Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean. 


Now, get your mama, your fiancée and your gal pals seriously scrub happy with any of their 4 amazing flavours:

10121113I cannot WAIT to try that new peppermint flavour.


And before you worry: yes it does get everywhere, yes it washes away easily, no it doesn’t stain and yes, it’s TOTALLY worth it.

And if you wanna package up a little collection of scrubs for you BFF, check out Frank’s amazing gift box options.

Oh, and just in case you’re reading Santa, I’ll take the ‘Forever Dirty’ package, please!

9And step 2?

Why, that’d be the Frank body balm!

Jam-packed with coffee seed extract, coconut and grape seed oils, cocoa and shea butter, use this baby post-scrub on any problem areas, reoccurring skin conditions and/or dry skin.

41465And yes, you’ll look that hot/toned/blissfully happy with just one application…

No, I’m serious.


78Happy scrubbing my festive friends!

And, yes, to any of my friends and family wondering if I’ve bought you this, I probably have!

Totally giving away all my secrets here!

We’ll catch you gorgeous gift-givers tomorrow for day 7!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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