1Evening my little festive friends!

So, we’re up to the 7th day before Christmas (Oh goodness, don’t panic, don’t PANIC!) and today’s gift idea is simple, like really it’s a no-brainer.

UH-MAZING flavours, super sweet packaging and (thank goodness!) something different to your standard box of Christmas chocolates…

Allow me to introduce you to the genius that is Mallow and Marsh 

Available in 5 mouth-watering gourmet flavours, these little beauties are worlds away from your normal marshmallow!

8 9In their own, eloquent words:

We don’t make normal marshmallows.

We make creamy bundles of gooey deliciousness.

On a scale of jelly to nougat we sit as close to nougat as is marshmallowy possible. We use the highest quality ingredients we can, from 100% natural raspberry to organic and fairtrade vanilla extract and we’ve made sure there are no additives or preservatives. 

They melt in your mouth and we encourage people to experiment when they eat them. We plan to float them down the Thames, be the first marshmallow into space and take them around the three peaks. The highest marshmallow in England.

Ha, told you their were geniuses! We LOVE.

4567Mallow and Marsh tagline their sweet little boxes with the phrase: ‘Not many things improve with fire’, but we can confirm, just incase there’s any doubt in your mind… These babies TOTALLY do!

Grab your buddies a box set, or buy them individually as radiculously good stocking filler, and get your friends and family huddled round a fire this Christmas and get toastin’!

23Oh. Goodness. I’m now totally craving them!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift ideas, Christmas is a comin’ guys!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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