1Afternoon people!

I hope you guys are well and not suffering too much from last night’s Christmas party hangover!? We’ve got some serious weekend vibes going on over here at FBrides HQ, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna leave you last minute gift-buyers all high and dry in your hour of need, I mean this IS the last weekend before Christmas after all!

So, today we’re hittin’ up some of the hottest stocking fillers out there. Whatever your budget, and whether it’s a stocking filler, secret Santa or just a little token gift; these ideas have got you covered.

First up, we are simply obsessed with these hand jewellery stands. Palm readers, rockers or those who just love an offensive hand gesture (yeah, I left those images out, bit much for a Saturday afternoon, hey?!) this is the only way to store your jewellery!

3And because every gal is gonna need the coolest little makeup purse this holiday season, every stocking needs one of these little boho tapestry creations.

The perfect clutch-able size, in a variety of rad colour combos and with the addition of some beaut pom poms *SIGH* any of your soul-sisters would fall head over heels for one o’these…

45Come on. They’re just everything.

This next one goes without saying: Christmas = sparkly nails. And if your buddies are anything like me, they’ve probably left it WAY too late to get a mani booked in (thank goodness for my lovely Molly, managing to squeeze me in yesterday!) so be the BFF that saves them from a series of disastrous man-hand Christmas photos and pop a little pot of this in their gift bag!

6Yes yes! LOVE that bottle design too! #triangleseverytime

Now, I’d bet that around 40% of women have at least one New Year’s resolution that involves their beauty regime, add to that the fringe that you had cut in on a whim just before Christmas, or the Lob that suited you amazingly for autumn but you’re kinda done with, and I’d bet a fair few New Year’s resolutions will involve a promise to persevere in growing our hair ready for a summer of mermaid locks…

Whelp, Santa’s elves are saving the day with this GORGEOUS product..

78I know, I’m such a sucker for a well-branded product… But, I mean, that is just pushing all my buttons, so to speak!

Next up, this is a beauty MUST, especially in these Winter months. Like, if you don’t already own it, get yourself a tube while you’re at it!

Made from all natural ingredients, this multi-use balm is formulated on a base of fermented Pawpaw; the fruit of the Carica Papaya plant.

Endless soothing properties, it’ll work magic on lips, hair, as a make-up primer or just your go-to moisturiser.


And because, your pals and fam are all probably gonna need some serious, detox recovery after the Christmas binge, you totally need to be gettin’ your mitts on one of these beautiful silk lavender eye pillows from (yes, you guessed it) Free People

1112And while you’re there, make sure your fellow yogis are kitted out for these Winter months with a super affordable set of yoga socks, complete with grippy soles!

No slipping out of downward dog and no cold toes seizing up mid Asana, they’re toe-tally (SORRY) on my list to Santa…

1314Consider that stocking FILLED, babes.

I’ll be back tomorrow (while Lau is away celebrating her birthday! Happiest of returns to our lovely gal!) with gifts of the copper variety (it’d be just WRONG not to acknowledge that trend just once more this year – we’re OBSESSED) so make sure you drop by for our 4th Day of Christmas!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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