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Back by popular demand, (albeit a little late in the game, do excuse us, this time of year’s kinda busy, you know?!) Festival Brides is bringing you a little something original, a little out of the ordinary and oh-my-hella cool for the next 10 days to inspire you last minute gift givers…

Don’t deny it, we’ve all got at least one pressie left to buy!

RadRoyalsSo first up on our list to Santa, whether you’re a statement slogan kinda gal, or you love a witty-whilst-ridiculously-cool sweater, we are LOVING the Rad clothing collection!

Rad 2Rad 1Rad 3I mean… the next pieces by Flyart are just insane.

Hip hop hits up classic art, as they put it:

‘That’s how Kanye West meets Cézanne, Beyonce connects with Magritte and Frank Ocean joins Renoir.’

Just way too cool. For your guys, your gals, hell we even think your Nan would like one!

Rad 5 5a6 6aRad 4…That last one is our personal fave, own it, ladies!

We’ll see you tomorrow for our next instalment of amazing gift ideas (or wish list ideas, let’s be brutally honest here!)

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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