Ghost Orchid Bride are proud UK stockists of this revolutionary L.A bridal label Odylyne the Ceremony and couldn’t be more excited to be bringing UK brides this limited opportunity to try Odylyne’s complete brand new Starcrossed Lovers collection of stunning wedding dresses!



Trunk Show



10TH – 12th February

+ Tarot Reading / Cocktails

If you are planning a wedding and your vibe is unique, authentic and bohemian, I can guarantee you will have come across some of Odylyne’s mystical dream like imagery already.

Stephanie White, the designer behind this innovative and beautiful collection, takes the idea of bridal fashion into a whole new majestic realm, capturing the raw romance and spiritual essence of her inspiration which she draws from music, poetry, theatre and art. Stephanie transcends this mood into each luminescent, draping, bell-sleeved, flowing gown. The result? Each dress stands alone as a timeless work of art in its self.

Totally set aside from the crowd, Stephanie has an authentic vision that perfectly blends a cool Californian vibe with gothic timeless romance. Odylyne doesn’t just capture the mood of the time, they seem to set it.

Stephanie’s newest collection is inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s beautiful interpretation of William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet, of which she has to say…

“When the stars align ever so perfectly a passionate, fiery romance manifest into two hearts. We love William Shakespeare’s idea that star crossed lovers are working against fate to preserve their love. A love story that has been written in the stars and the force that has brought them together would soon try to tear them apart.  With a love that burns that bright comes a youthful immortality that is preserved.  We are infatuated with the idea of the preservation of a young and innocent love. That kind of child like love is full of magic.”

Special Offer For One Lucky Bride….

In true Californian style, Ghost Orchid Bride are offering one lucky bohemian babe-to-be and her party a fun spiritual evening of tarot and speciality cocktails! Get an exclusive two hour long evening appointment in Ghost Orchid Brides softly lit, incense infused showroom where you and your bridal party will spend the first hour getting your tarot cards read by an expert in the field, while sipping on complimentary cocktails. The second half of the appointment though is when the magic really happens. After an informal chat with Katey, the owner of Ghost Orchid, about your expectations and desires, you can get your newly diamond adorned paws on the stunning gowns, ensuring you have enough time to try on all of your favourites….which we are using our spiritual powers to predict might just be all of them.

Spaces are limited and by private appointment only. Contact Ghost Orchid Bride now to book your space on 01482 642015 or email

Image Credits: Odylyne The Ceremony Lookbook and Catherine Laura Photography.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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