We love this idea…What better for a Festival Wedding – Your own brewed beer!! Such a great experience for the bride and groom or maybe for the groom and best man…

Nutbrook brewery, run by Dean and Chris Richards, is based in rural Derbyshire.  Their personalized beers are a great talking point at any special occasion or event. Plus it appears all men secretly want to try their hand at making beer.

The groom and best man will come to our brewery for a ‘tasting’ meeting. This obviously involves trying a wide spectrum of Nutbrook ales (designated driver required!!!). This helps the groom decide what type of beer he would like to brew.  Our unique “Design a Beer” program developed by Chris enables you to create your personal recipe within 20 minutes.

Every beer is unique to each person. They design everything from the colour of the beer, ABV %, to the hops and grains used to make the beer and of course the all-important name and label!

Once the recipe has been ‘designed’ the groom and best man will spend a “Brew Day” with us making their beer! This is done under the watchful eye of one of our brewers.

When the beer is ready it is put into casks ready for the ‘special’ day! The groom has the choice of having a 72-pint cask of ‘their’ beer served at ‘their’ wedding using a traditional hand pump or 500ml bottles.

The bottles have proved to be the firm favourite at weddings as they make great ‘groom/wedding favours’.  The labels for the bottles can be as imaginative or quirky as you like!

Nutbrook’s beautiful, handmade wooden bar also makes a great addition to any wedding. We offer licensed and unlicensed packages.  With a range of our real ales plus spirits and soft drinks on request, we can tailor our bar to your requirements. Our relaxed, informal (but always professional) approach draws people to the bar. For those new to real ales they can always sample a little before they buy!

If you fancy a more rustic, relaxed wedding why not have choose their real ale bar and Oakfield Farm Hog Roast endless…

For further details please contact Victoria Leeming on 07716 733373 or email victoria@nutbrookbrewery.com

*Design a Beer with Brew Day costs £265 with a maximum of 2 people. Price includes the beer set up; brew day and a choice of 72-pint cask of 72 x  500ml bottles. Additional barrels and bottles can be ordered. www.nutbrookbrewery.com


Wedding beauty on its way!

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