Good afternoon lovely people. We have a gorgeous styled anniversary shoot to share with you today, captured brilliantly by wedding photographer Sandrachile and featuring real life couple Sophia and Atreyu. It is what I like to call a treat for your wedding planning eyes with quirky, fun and eclectic styling and a colour pallette that is both rich and vibrant. I have also completely fallen in love with the styling of Sophia and Atreyu, especially Sophia. She believes that ‘makeup & hair are an invention of the patriarchy‘ so she wore nothing but her natural beauty with a dash of glitter and I LOVE that.

I have a feeling a lot of you are going to love this Nomad meets Chilean Circus themed shoot today so get your pinterest finger poised, your suppliers notebook out and let the inspiration begin…..

A Wild & Nomadic Love Story

Sophia & Atreyu met each other at an airport. Destiny made their layovers collide when she was on her way to Galapagos, and he was on his way to Chile, his home.

Almost 4 years later, after many flights more, they eloped. Now they live in Miami and are determined to celebrate their love, with a bridal session to remind them of their elopement and where everything started. This was wedding anniversary number 2 and it was time to do something special.

Photographer Sandrachile has this to say about the shoot:

“Their inspiration for the session came from different elements of nomad groups, such as the Romani culture, Burning Man, the Chilean circus culture and a few other chilean ethnic groups. Most of all, they wanted to stay away from portraying the typical Florida/Miami scene. They wanted pictures that would transport them elsewhere, that people would not be able to identify or pin point an specific geographical location.”

“It was important for them to incorporate both forest and ocean because Sophia comes from the mountain side of Illinois and Atreyu comes from Chile, a very coastal country. This is why we started the session on a Florida trail that leads us to the beach and we took portraits along both. The couple also wanted colourful elements, lots of different textures and quirky decorations to depict each other’s cultural differences.”

“They hand made the groom’s hat and the bride’s head piece, as well as the parasol which had little hearts, typical from the Aymara ethnic group (from the north of Chile).”

The photoshoot took place during the week of Burning Man, and as a way to honor it, and the bride’s dress was chosen because the lines of the top reminded her of the Burning Man style of clothing, with lots of skin showing.”

“Makeup & hair are an invention of the patriarchy, so Sophia went bare and wore her natural beauty instead (including natural nails.) However, we added a little bit of glitter, that, unlike makeup, was invented by unicorns and unicorns are badass.”

The Line Up

Photographer: Sandrachile
Wedding Dress: Rimma Gown by Nazarela for Blanc de Blanc Bridal
Jewellery: Falkora Jewelry
Wedding Handkerchief: Wrenbird Arts
Stationery & Calligraphy: Judith Browne Calligraphy
Chairs: All Event Rentals





Wedding beauty on its way!

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