Happy Monday Peeps!

Hope you’ve all had lots of fun and frolics over the Christmas season! I’m pretty sure I’ve drunk my own body weight in red wine and eaten enough cheese to last a lifetime but I’ve loved every single second of it! It’s been an amazing week spent with family and friends and it’s about to get even better as it’s New Year’s Eve!! Whoop whoop! We’re heading to a  party tonight with some of our favourite friends and I’m personally planning to relive my clubbing days by partying to Channel 4’s House Party! If you love old school house music then you HAVE to tune into Channel 4 tonight at 12am for 6 hours of classic house music. Think Norman J, Annie Mac and Frankie Knuckles – it’s going to be awesome. We watched the first one back in August and it was brilliant so at the strike of midnight I will be cutting some shapes in front of the telly in my slippers! Bring it on!

Kelly however will be cutting some shapes at a wedding tonight which brings us on nicely to today’s post – New Year Wedding Inspiration! I think it is such a lovely idea to get married on New Year’s Eve. What better way to start your new life together than at a night that is all about new beginnings.

For me, New Year’s Eve is about  metallic colours and lots of sparkle and when the two are mixed together the end result can be quite striking. If you are planning a New Years Eve wedding try mixing soft pastel colours such as ivory, cream or rose with metallic gold and silver with the odd bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure!

We hope you all have a brilliant New Year and we will see you in 2013!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx



Wedding beauty on its way!

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