Have you ever wondered where all the gorgeous props that you see all over Pinterest comes from? The cute jars, pretty chairs and  painted furniture?? Stacks of vintage suits cases, enamel jugs, tins and birdcages, just about everything you could possibly want!? All of these things things reside at Vintage Style Hire, where you can hand select the things you wish to make an appearance at your wedding, or Kate Fletcher, owner of Vintage Style Hire can curate a collection of pretty things, and even style your whole wedding venue.

Kate’s amazing barn, full of vintage things (soon to become Vintage Style Living – the shop!!! Can’t wait!), was the inspiration for this quirky inspiration. Kate is very generous with her favours, and I thought it time she had one back…..

I was given a dusty old mannequin by my Grandfather years ago, found at an antiques market (where Lovejoy was filmed, no less). The only problem was, I make dresses for brides, and the mannequin was a mister! So I couldn’t be rude and disregard it, and instead clung onto it for many years so as not to be impolite. After meeting Kate, and seeing how her business worked, it seemed obvious that Mister Mannequin should fulfil his purpose and live out his days at the Vintage Style Hire Barn.

IMG_6542-1bhwIt’s silly to waste an opportunity though, and we thought that a handing over ceremony would be approriate, and to really make Mister Mannequin feel welcome, he was married to Kate’s Lady Stockman. Mister Mannequin may not match Lady Stockman’s vintage good looks, but it’s about personality right!?
IMG_6813-1bhwdunIMG_6647-1dun IMG_6685-2dun IMG_6723-14dun IMG_6731-1dun
Also located on site at the barn is lovely florist Sam of Violets and Velvet, and along with Sarah of Chateau Macaron, Vicky Trainor from The Linen Garden and Sarah of Rose and Aster, we all pitched in to create a makeshift wedding for the two dummies.
IMG_6624-1dun IMG_6619-1dun IMG_6568-50sdun

An up-turned bed made a quirky back-drop, adorned with mini-clusters of flowers, and strung with lace bunting from The Linen Garden. A painted ladder creates a different visual level, decorated with votives and decorative bottles, and a cascade of foliage. Items such as this are decorative items in themselves, and don’t need over the top displays.

The Bride wore a 50’s style Petticoat and lace topped corset and vintage blusher veil, with jewels from Rose and Aster. A gold lace and jewelled choker, and silver crystal necklace, worn as a belt.

A wedding Breakfast consisted of a quaint Tea for Two, with delicious Macarons, and pretty china tea cups.

IMG_6374-1dun IMG_6394-10dun IMG_6410-15dun IMG_6458-28dun IMG_6468-31sdunIMG_6412-16dunTaking advantage of the afternoon sun, guests were invited to enjoy a stiff drink around the lemonade cooler, where lemons and macarons were stacked high and vintage lemonade bottles adorned the pretty dresser with a swathe of flowers and foliage bursting from it’s drawers.
At the end of the day, cases packed, and Safari hat to hand, it was time to head off into the sunset of a honeymoon adventure. Thumbing a lift was proving difficult, so a wander around the village had to suffice.
Mr and Mrs Mannequin now happily reside at Hammer Hill Barn in Dunmow, Essex. I can’t wait to go visit when the Vintage Style Living Shop opens on Saturday 19th October 2013…   xx

Venue & Props – Vintage Style Hire, Hammer Hill Barn

Jewels – Rose and Aster 

Bunting and Signage – The Linen Garden

Flowers – Violets and Velvet

Macarons – Chateau Macaron

Photographer – Sophie from Violet and Green

Dresses – Wilden Bride


Wedding beauty on its way!

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