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Do we have a treat for your festival eyes this morning! If you haven’t already guessed from the title above, today’s real wedding took place at Camp Bestival, a family friendly festival that runs in the UK every year at the end of July. It has everything you would expect a real festival wedding to have, from face painting to live music, and it is all captured brilliantly by Libra Photographic.

Michelle and Marcus have been regulars at Camp Bestival for a while and it is one of their favourite places. After their initial search for a festival wedding venue, they thought ‘why not just do it at the festival…..’

We have been regulars at Camp Bestival for a while and when we were looking for a wedding venue, we were trying to find somewhere with a chilled, festival vibe. So we thought, why not just do it at the festival, one of our favourite places. Our inspiration was just to have fun and enjoy the day. We were unable to predict the weather so we just decided to make sure that we were comfortable (wellies were on stand by) and to relax into whatever happened.

Camp Bestival takes place on the grounds of Lulworth Castle which is licensed for legal ceremonies. They held their ceremony in the castle’s courtyard and then spent the rest of the day exploring the festival with their 100 guests!

Look out for their amazing chalk wedding cake and the advice from Libra Photographic about planning a real festival wedding.

Michelle and Marcus talk us through their real festival wedding!

Mother’s Day, A Box and A Ring….

Marcus proposed on Mother’s day…my son bought in some presents all beautifully wrapped and in one was a box with a ring, which he had made for me!

A Festival Vision….

Relaxed, fun, informal and a big party. We booked the wedding appreciating that it wasn’t really something that would appeal to a number of our friends or family and really didn’t expect many people to join us. We ended up with about 100 guests and everyone that came said it was really different to what they expected and one of the best weddings that they’ve been to although a couple of people did struggle with the toilet facilities in the festival!

A Castle, Face Painting and A Parade….

We married in the Courtyard of Lulworth Castle at Camp Bestival at 1pm, followed by a reception and face painting in the courtyard. We then had a parade through the festival with the amazing Circus Raj and photo’s on the castle steps. Our guests were then able to wander around the festival before meeting again at 5pm at the Jam Jar Cocktail Bar.  During the break we were lucky enough to go back stage and have some bubbles prior to going onto the main stage where our photographer, Nathan, took the most amazing pictures.

We didn’t need any music as we had a fantastic line up including Soul to Soul, Slaves, Kaiser Chiefs, Clean Bandit, to name a few, over the weekend. We camped all weekend, so looking well groomed on the Sunday was not a particular concern!

We were only in the courtyard for a small part of the day however we decorated the room beforehand with flowers and birdcages on the tables. Our friends decorated the campsite with chandeliers, bunting, lights, flowers and lots of signs.

Dress code was ‘anything goes.’

I wanted sunflowers and yellow accents  – I prepared for rain but the sun shone.

Favourite Moment….

It was one of the best days of my life…I was euphoric and felt incredibly privileged to have such a beautiful day surrounded by the people that I love in one of my favourite places.

Any Advice?

It’s your day, so plan it around things that make you happy. Don’t try to please everyone else.

The day goes by in a whirlwind, so try and take a moment to make sure that you can appreciate each other and enjoy the day.

Get a good photographer, ours was awesome and captured some truly beautiful pictures. However don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you can’t get drunk on your wedding day….very little food and lots of booze equals a very tipsy bride…..drink lots of water!!!!

Advice from Libra Photographic….

From this experience I’d like to share with you a few tips from a photographers perspective about getting married at a real music festival.


There are literally thousands of people that are not part of your event and that you cannot control. 90% love and respect your space and celebration but you will have to accept there will be the odd drunken photo-bomber.

Other Photographers:

At a festival there are press photographers everywhere, paid to represent the festival and get paid on the most saleable shots. A wedding is like honey to a bear waking from hibernation, you will get surrounded by them. This, for me, was the most difficult and unexpected part of the festival. These photographers do not respect the intimate nature of a wedding and definitely don’t understand how to stand back and observe as this image illustrates, their style of photography is that of a paparazzi not a professional service for a client.


Lack of water and abundance of alcohol. A wedding is always an excuse to party but a festival encourages us to go from dawn to dusk, pace yourself and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Crowd Control:

Trying to keep your guests together is pretty much impossible so create meeting places around the festival at different times of the day with an advance party to claim the spot and set up camp for people to arrive.

Lost People:

Lost little ones are a difficult one to deal with, all parents get a little (understandably) frantic when their child goes missing in a large crowd. Make sure the children know who to ask for directions (officials) to a safe prearranged meeting place and make sure they stay close with an assigned and sober family member.

The Weather:

This is a biggy, if you get a wet festival, go with it, get the wellies out and get muddy. It will be awesome fun as long as you let go, One of my favourite festivals was a wet Glastonbury when I stopped trying to keep clean and dry. Skin is waterproof and mud is great for the completion. You will have the most amazing photos and epic memories.

The Line Up

Photography: Libra Photographic
Ceremony Venue: Lulworth Castle
Reception Venue: Camp Bestival
Bride’s Dress: Monsoon
Bride’s Shoes: Dune
Bride’s Headpiece: Etsy
Groom: John Lewis & Ted Baker
Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Chalk Board Cake: Lulubelles
Flowers: Edwards Florist
Stationery: Lovely Jubbly Designs
Catering: Beales Gourmet Catering


Wedding beauty on its way!

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