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Well Good Morning Gorgeous Brides and Grooms To Be!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

We are kicking off 2015 real weddings with a bang with an awesome vintage inspired festival wedding to share with you all today.

Jaime and Martin Amor said ‘I Do’ on the 16th August 2014 at St Mary’s Church in Hambledon followed by an outdoor reception at Hambleden Dene. They wanted their wedding to be classic with a twist and for everyone to feel loved, relaxed, happy and to have loads of fun. With a little help from the amazing Arabian Tent Company, they transformed their venue into a 50’s wedding wonderland with quirky decor, personal DIY touches and an amazing handmade cake that I want to eat right now!!!! 

What I love the most about Jamie and Martin’s wedding is how much thought went into each personal touch and detail so everyone felt a part of their day. Everything to do with their wedding had their guests in mind. From the little details such as the vintage champagne saucers (that made their speeches extra glamorous and remarkable) to the secret ‘wishing’ door that their guests had to walk through whilst making a wish as they entered the venue. Each detail had a story or experience to tell and this led to all their guest feeling just as involved in their day as they were. So much thought went into ensuring all their guests were happy and judging by all the smiles in each and every picture, they did a good job!

Look out for the quirky personalised luggage tags handmade by Jaime – each guest had their own unique tag and they are very cool!

Jaime and Martin talk us through their day….

192 Miles of Coast, The Shard and A Bellini……

We had been ‘festival gang’ friends for a long time. Then at New Year 2008 we locked eyes and danced the night away together! That was just the beginning. We got to know each other properly when we did the coast to coast walk –  192 miles of hills, dales, lakes and a lot of chat! We went to the burning man in 2009 and on our return decided to leave London and find a place to live together in the countryside. Yikes!! Fast forward 5 years, we are still in the same bucolic village, outside Henley on Thames, have 2 dogs and run a business together – a Kids Yoga YouTube channel called Cosmic Kids! We got engaged in November 2013. Martin and I had been talking about getting married, so it wasn’t a total surprise…but on a fun trip up to London, Martin decided a trip up The Shard might be fun…and there over a bellini, he popped the question!

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A Fifties Tea Dress and Some Sassy Undies!

My Dress was a Lou Lou Bridal Fifties Tea Dress from Bridal Rogue Gallery – I wanted to swish about and dance without treading all over my dress! I also wore some sassy 50’s undies from What Katie Did and a gorgeous Rachel Trevor Morgan Birdcage Veil. On  my feet I wore Rainbow Couture with a home applied turquoise blue sole and diamond Studs in my ears. Martin wore a tailored Navy Herringbone three-piece-suit with a pink spotty bowtie.

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An Arabian Day…..

The Arabian Tent Co did all our decor and styling and it was incredible! Beautiful lamps, fire bowls, umbrellas, lanterns, tassles and bunting. We then had a local lighting crew – Henley Theatre Services come in, sort all the power stuff and light everywhere (inside and out, including the secret door) beautifully.

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A Wedding Wonderland…..

Lots of our friends and neighbours pulled together to make everything happen – two of my best friends made our phenomenal cake, another two friends of ours illustrated and designed all our stationary and our friend and neighbour – Bruce – did the catering. I made the table plan by hand, did everyone a hand painted name place on a slice of wood and Martin added a fun twist for all the gents in asking them to wear bowties. We hired vintage glasses and champagne saucers for the reception, which were so delicious to drink from. There was a secret door in the middle of the field ahead of our tents (provided by The Arabian Tent Co) which everyone entered into for the reception. Our nephew (aged 8) asked everyone to make a wish as they entered. This made a magical entrance into our wedding wonderland. In the afternoon we had an aerobatics display with smoke and heart shaped swooshes in the sky and during the evening a fantastic photobooth from Beatons Boudoir. To cap it all we had the best fifties band ever in the form of The Bluejays! It couldn’t have even more amazing!!

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A Mouthwatering Organic Hog Roast…..

Bruce of The Black Pig Chiltern Hills is our friend and well known for his beautiful organic pigs which are woodland reared in the fields and forests around where we live. He offers a hog roast that is above and beyond most, served at the table on vintage platters along with local home grown salads. Scrumptious potato salad, a rainbow of beetroots with chilli dressing and fresh leaves with edible bright coloured nasturtium flowers. Our nibbles and canapés during the reception were hearty and substantial so we didn’t need a starter. They were amazing and all made from Bruce’s pigs – devils on horseback (bacon wrapped dates), homemade mini scotch eggs, mozzarella balls/cherry toms and basil on sticks and smoked salmon blinis. For pudding we had the cake and mini ice cream pots from the Snugberys Dairy in Cheshire. Later Bruce laid on a grazing table for revellers with pork pies, a glazed ham, some crusty bread and local ewes milk cheese.

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A Homemade Layer Cake from Two Best Friends….

A chocolate chip layer cake with passion fruit curd, chocolate crumbs and coffee buttercream icing – this recipe is from the Momofuku Bakery in NYC. It’s a ‘naked cake’ and was made by two of my best friends – Jess and Faye…finished with a topper model of our two dogs! We had seen a cake in New York at the Momofuku bakery (uber cool bakery in Brooklyn) – a naked cake with chocolate crumbs, passion fruit curd and a pair of dogs as a topper. Obviously getting a cake sent from NYC was going to be tricky (impossible in fact!) so we settled for buying their recipe book instead and bringing it home, thinking at least I know how to make it! At Sunday lunch with 2 of my best girlfriends (Faye and Jess) I was wittering on about this cake and with absolutely no hesitation Faye said “I’ll make it.” Jess then piped up with “and I’ll help!” I was gobsmacked – and was ready for them to eventually back out as they realized the enormity of the task – but there was no stopping them and they produced the most incredibly delicious stunning looking cake we have ever seen!

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A Gift List via Shopify…..

We used Shopify to create a virtual shop. The shop was stocked with all the things we wanted on a gift list. Because we’ve been living together for 5 years we wanted to ask for experiences rather than lots of stuff – so we filled our shop with things like ballroom dancing lessons, get growing courses at River Cottage and date nights at local restaurants. The beauty of a shopify shop is you can fill it with anything you can think of, then people choose what they want to get you and pay money for it into a paypal account. You then get an email when somebody buys you something and the money is there for you to buy it! We’ve been buying all our bits and pieces and sending people photos of us doing the things they’ve bought us!!

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50’s Rock ‘N’ Roll….

For entertainment we had The Bluejays, a 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Band followed by DJ John Cavendish of Fish Disco

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Favourite Moment of The Day….

Saying our vows was incredibly powerful – I had no idea of the emotional impact this moment. It was immense! That and feeling a massive rush of joy when I looked around at our reception and saw everyone I love most in the world in the same place at the same time – that is so so rare.

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Any advice for couples planning their wedding day?

The more you put in the more you get out. I loved spending time crafting and making stuff for the wedding. It put a really personal stamp on it all, full of love. Don’t be afraid to let all the emotions run free either – I had it in my mind that I would look demure, elegant and composed as a bride, but walking into church, feeling that moment so powerfully, I was totally overcome with sobs of joy and that’s ok!

The Line Up

Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Church, Hambleden
Reception Venue: Hambleden Dene  
Photographer: Rory Lindsey
Bride’s Dress: Lou Lou Bridal 
Bride’s Shoes: Rainbow Couture
Bride’s Hair & Make-Up: Clare Turner
Bridesmaid Dress: Vivien Holloway
Tents, Decor & Furniture Hire: The Arabian Tent Company
Flowers: The Flower Union
Catering: The Black Pig Chiltern Hills
Cake: Homeade from A Momofuku Milk Bar Recipe   
Band: The Bluejays
Disco: DJ John Cavendish of Fish Disco
Photo Booth: Beatons Boudoir


Wedding beauty on its way!

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