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The weekend is in sight, darlings, and I for one and pretty stoked on that alone right now! Well, that and today’s article (of course!). We’re talking Macramé, yeah, those beautiful knotted wall hangings (I didn’t know they were called Macramé until fairly recently either!). By definition:



the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles.

…That’s pretty versatile, right? It’s simply knotted string to form a decorative object (did you see the next bit coming?!) so you better believe we’re not just gonna show you Macramé wall hangings/backdrops, oh no! We’ve gone all out to show you a plethora of ways you might incorporate this bohemian knotted trend into your free-spirited day aaaaaand you’re gonna love it!

But let’s kick things off with the original use of Macramé in weddings, ’cause there ain’t a cooler backdrop than this right now, honeys!


The Backdrop


Here at Fbrides we heart a good ceremony backdrop every day of the week. In fact we probably double-tap about 8 a day on instagram! Unless you’ve got a freakin’ mountain range behind you, they’re a must.

They add that extra layer of texture to your ceremony shots, maybe a boost of colour, they give height to the styling (always a necessity!) and they perfectly frame you and your beau as you take those all important vows…

You see where I’m coming from, they’re kinda important!

And none fulfill the above criteria more so than the oversized Macramé hanging.

I mean, come ON! Hearts for eyes, every time.

We love them dip-dyed, creating that beautiful archway shape that is SO on trend right now, adorned with fresh flowers and in pretty much any setting be it an arch over a woodland aisle, pebbled beach or a beautiful garden. They’re boho-luxe at it’s best!

B4B6B8B3 13Left: Zsa Zsa Bellagio  Right: Lovestruck Weddings

B9B5Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, you don’t have to go huge with your Macramé hanging, downsize a little to adorn lounging spaces, or to hang as a focal point behind your top table.

These beautiful creations can be made to almost any shape and size, and there really are no rules as far as the wedding world is concerned as to how you employ them, so go wild!

B7B12Oh, and can we just talk about how much we adore those hangings strung from a branch, or copper pipe?! The added texture and colour just sets them alive.

Swooning (just so you know!), swooning hard.

The Table + Chairs

Ok, so if the old budget won’t quite stretch to a huge hanging and you’re not feeling the idea of DIY-ing it, then maybe downscale a little, because the alternatives are about to get real rad and real original right about now!

Our favourite chair embellishment for 2015 weddings? Why yes, it’s Macramé!

How *did* you guess?!

T8T12T2T3Go for a contrasting neon dip dye, or keep things super natural… Either way they’re the ultimate way to adorn your seating. Maybe just those of the top table though hey? Unless you have particularly nimble fingers! They get a big fat YES from us.

OK, so what if you really wanna adorn your tables with Macramé but don’t have chairs that particularly lend themselves to being adorned with knotted string? Maybe they’ve a curved top, or are already ornate enough if their own right?


You better believe you can get Macramé in the form of table cloths and runners, oh yes!

T6T10T11T4 7T5T9Seriously though, I need one for my dining table. Like, yesterday!

They’re the perfect solution to that funny space: the end of the table. Often left unadorned, this can be an ugly little forgotten element, but never so once a fringed macrame table runner is draped over the table’s edge!

The Details

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

…And OMGSH there’s certainly plenty of will behind the Macramé trend. Designers and stylists are employing it in every which way!

We’re absolutely besotted with the subtlety of just a little show of Macramé, be it encompassing a little stick tipi den in a corner of your outdoor venue…

D1D2 6Left: Ruffled Blog  Right: Soul Makes

Or whether you choose to hang your Macramé, forming beautifully bohemian tree hangings, crystal holders or in a garland form in place of tassels or bunting…

D3D4No, but SERIOUSLY! Those dipped garlands are just the only way to adorn an otherwise plain wall at your venue.

[insert all love associated emojis here]

Or maybe, just maybe, (eeek this is one of my FAVOURITE uses of Macramé) you’ve been seeking the perfect embellishment for an otherwise minimally styled wedding cake…

D5D7Hell yeah, girl!

So beautiful, right?!

Macramé is just the multifaceted diamond of the boho decor world. It just works; however and wherever you choose to use it, it’s sure to bring instant awesomeness to your wedding!

D8D9D10A Macramè chandelier?

OK, I just died.

The Outfit

Now, while I primarily wanted to talk decor to you this morning, you know we can’t resist a good dress here at FBrides. Searching the term ‘Macramé wedding dress’ on Pinterest brings up all kinds of goodness and, of course, it’s our pleasure to bring you the best!

Starting with this Dream Catcher Macramé dress by Trash2Couture on Etsy…

Can’t deal. Seriously, it’s too gorgeous.

O4O3O8O9If you choose to adorn yourself with Macramé for your wedding there are just two simple rules:

One: Just add string

Two: Just add knots

No, really! Anything goes! Be it a gown made entirely of knotted string, a Macramé fringed lower hem, a shoulder detail added to your existing gown or a knotted back design.

It all works. It’s all rad.

And you’ll look nothing but bohemian goddess.

O2 7Left: Munamiu  Right: Sabo Skirt

O1O5 6Left: Topshop  Right: Shopbop

For real, though. That last gown on the right? I’d be wearing that, were I getting married right about now! The keyhole detail, the heavy fringing at the hem, the casual fit… It’s all just spot on!

So, however you choose to use Macramé for your free-spirited soireé, just make sure you do!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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