Meet Tracy Morter… A fantabulous festival loving photographer that we met on the wonderful world of twitter! When we saw these shots we beamed with festival love and happiness and couldn’t wait to share them all with you.

Festivals can be incredibly romantic and have a tendency of bringing like minded souls together. What we love the most about any festival is their ability to bring out the best in people so it’s no surprise that many couples find or share love over a pint of cider and some awesome tunes!

Tracy has managed to capture this romance beautifully by photographing festival goers, young and old, in secret – and what a grand job she has done too!

Charlie (in the picture No. 5) had been away travelling for 6 months and this was the first time he’d seen his girlfriend since his return! This picture was taken at a wonderful little festival called Brownstock.
Tracy is a music and wedding photographer – what a combo for a Festival Bride!!! Shooting weddings, she is often drawn to taking pictures of couples at festivals.

She loves watching people and playing with the light. Not one to boss she prefers to observe,  catching those funny or moving moments…

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT TRACY – She is responsible (alongside her husband) for Rage Against the Machine getting to number 1 instead of X Factor’s winner Joe McElderry!! Love it!!!

So if you want a true music loving legend to photograph your festival wedding check out Tracy Morter

Worth a follow on twitter to see what mischief she comes up with next!!!

Did any of you lovely readers meet at a festival………….don’t be shy………….fill us in on the gossip!?


Wedding beauty on its way!

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