I love the picture above! I think it illustrates beautifully how getting crafty with lighting for your wedding can create a beautiful romantic ambience, a stunning picture and (depending on how you use them) add another simple but unique element to your wedding decor.

Now I’m not suggesting you do a ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ and have lights sewn into your dress (although there is a tinsey winsey part of me that wants to try that dress on!) but you can certainly use them in a way that will add to the atmosphere of your day.

I love the picture below where they have fairy lights intertwined with ivy and jam jars to create a bit of rustic romance. Very simple and very effective. I love the bride’s flowers in her hair as well – very hippy chic!


Mixing paper pom pom lanterns with fairy lights can also have a lovely effect and you can match the lanterns to your colour scheme.

I love the image below where they have used different shades of green pom pom lanterns with a string of light bulbs. Again, it’s a really simple effect but it just adds so much atmosphere and looks beautiful against the back drop of the trees.

I’m definitely going to try and recreate this for our wedding – love the lanterns above the stage! Awesome!


Filling jam jars, glass bottles and vintage lanterns with lights and hanging them from different areas within your venue (trees, barn beams etc) can also have a great impact and best of all it’s cheap!!

I also LOVE the idea of visiting boot fairs and vintage fairs, collecting as many second hand lampshades as you can and then hanging these around your venue – very unique and very quirky!

Below are more images to bring you inspiration – light up light up!

Source: None via Festivalbrides on Pinterest









Source: None via Festivalbrides on Pinterest




I love the picture below of vintage lampshades. How awesome would it be to have a chill out area of a couple of old skool sofas, vintage lampshades and an antique coffee table!


Mason Jar Party Lights by Treasure Again


You can hire lighting from various companies across the UK but try:


Big Love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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