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Afternoon Lovely People,

I hope you all had a good weekend in the sunshine. Summer is definitely coming and I can’t bleedin wait! It’s going to be 24 degrees in Kent this week – 24 and it’s April. Bring it on Mr Sun – you’ve been a long time coming!

We have an absolute gem of a real wedding to share with you today. Not only did it take place on a gorgeous ranch in California with the most stunning views of the Edna Valley, roaming horses as special guests and a very cool ‘man cave’ barn that is full of quirky decor and neon lights, it also ticks many of our Festival Brides boxes. It is free spirited, beautiful, natural, relaxed and charming and is a representation of everything Teal and Jordan love. From axes to motorbikes and vintage trinkets to ice cream – they’ve covered pretty much everything they love including the friends and family they are sharing it with.

Enjoy this one peeps – it’s a keeper.

Big shout out to Paige Jones’ Photography  for such beautiful pictures.

A Lone Blanket and One Knee….

Jordan and I love the ocean and spend as much time as we can in the water. We love to surf on Stand Up Paddle boards. Around the holidays Jordan’s mom asked if we would meet at one of our favourite surf sports to take family photos. When we got to the beach, his family was nowhere in site. As we walked the beach searching for his family we came across a lone blanket lying in the sand amongst candles and flowers. Jordan got on one knee and of course I said yes! I was in complete shock as our close friends and family were heard cheering nearby. They had been hiding on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking everything! We celebrated over a lovely dinner while watching the sky light up with most amazing sunset we have ever seen!

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Into The Mystic…

The Central Coast of California is beautiful beyond words, especially San Luis Obispo (SLO). The lyrics to Van Morrison’s song “Into the Mystic” come to mind: “Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.” Maybe it’s the endless rolling hills or how they meet the rugged wild coastline we love, but we knew we had to get married there. 

When we were planning our wedding we wanted something that truly reflected us as a couple: free-spirited, natural, comfortable, a little bit wild…When we came across the wide natural landscape, rustic barn and free roaming horses at Holland Ranch we knew this was us. I could see myself running wild with the horses in my wedding dress and dancing the night away and that’s just what I did.

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A Dress That Was Truly My Style….

Traditional wedding dresses are lovely but when I tried them on they didn’t feel like me. I wanted a dress that was truly my style so I ordered one from my favorite clothing store, Free People. The FP “Estelle Open Back Gown” was comfortable and stretchy so I could do anything from trek through the fields to the horses or dance the night away without giving it a second thought. I had a very talented friend add custom embellishments and alterations to help make the dress look a bit more bridal without sacrificing comfort. It was everything I had hoped for!

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A 1970’s Inspired Flower Crown and A Veil Just In Case….

I’m a bit of a wanderlusting, 1970’s loving, free spirited kind of girl, so I had to have a flower crown. I wanted something that was natural and didn’t look like every flower was perfectly placed. Nikki at Fluid Bloom did a lovely job at making that happen.

At first I didn’t want a veil, but we ended up bringing one just encase we wanted it for photos and I’m really glad we did. Some of my favourite photos are of my veil flying in the wind! I would definitely recommend future brides to have options when it comes to accessories because you never know how they’ll photograph and you just might love how you look.

Loose Beachy Curls and A Bohemian Look….

I ended up doing my hair and makeup trial twice because let’s be honest, no matter how many pictures you pin on Pinterest sometimes you just don’t know what you want. I knew more about what I didn’t want, so The Queens Bees started there. I knew I didn’t want an up-do. I wanted that bohemian look, but also wanted to look like a bride. I normally wear my hair down so I decided I would be most comfortable if I kept it that way. We decided to do some loose beachy curls. I don’t normally curl my hair, so it made it feel special enough for the occasion, but natural enough so I still felt like myself.

When it came to makeup I wanted it to look like I wasn’t wearing any. I wanted to just enhance my natural self. While I didn’t like it at first, airbrush foundation quickly became my friend. It was pretty toasty on our wedding day but my makeup stayed in place and didn’t melt away so I still looked fresh for all those photos.

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Mix Match Blush and Peach….

For my Bridesmaids, I didn’t want my friends to break the bank on a dress they’ll only wear once. It was important to me they could wear a dress that fit their individual body types and made them comfortable. I also really liked the mix and match look of having each girl in a different blush or peach colour dress. The dresses came from stores like Free People, J Crew, Madewell and Forever 21.

I didn’t want anyone walking down the aisle looking like a baby giraffe, so I had the girls wear whatever nude colour shoes they could gracefully handle. For bridesmaid’s gifts I gave each girl a bracelet to wear during the ceremony. The nameplate bracelets said “philia” which in Greek is described as a deep friendship or brotherly love.

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Manly Things, A Stellar Beard and Axes….

Our inspiration for our wedding was to be surrounded by things we love and to share these with our family and friends. Jordan loves manly things, like whiskey, axes and motorcycles. So we had a whiskey and cigar bar, Jordan gave his groomsmen engraved axes and we rode off on a vintage motorcycle. Who doesn’t love a man with a stellar beard! I jokingly asked all the groomsmen to grow their best facial hair and they did not disappoint! I love free-spirited things but also have a bit of an edge, so I got to pick out the soft coloured flowers, bold print antique rugs and whimsical tin photo booth.

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Bohemian Inspired Arrangements and Soft Colour Blooms….

For flowers I wanted bohemian inspired arrangements with soft colour blooms. I love peonies flowers but we couldn’t afford to use them everywhere, so we decided to use them in the bridal bouquet and use similar flowers, like garden roses and ranunculus, elsewhere to get a similar look without the price. Simple greenery and babies breath was another inexpensive choice that helped us achieve the natural bohemian look without breaking the bank. For table arrangements we had eucalyptus runners with peach and blush garden roses mixed throughout.

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The Things We Love and Our Friends and Family….

When it came down to it, what we wanted most was for our guests to enjoy themselves and to have a good time. My vision for the day was to share with our closest friends and family the things Jordan and I enjoy. We wanted to share our love for the Central Coast, moscow mules, BBQ, horses, dancing, motorcycles, beards, ice cream trucks, Beyoncé, rustic barns, photo booths, axes, flea market finds, etc…Your wedding should be a time where you feel surrounded by the people and things you love. When it comes down to it, the most important thing wasn’t how the food tasted or if the flowers were the right colour, the most important thing was I got to marry my best friend in front of the people that mean the most to us!

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A Former Man-Cave, Neon Lights and Vintage Flea Market Finds….

We were lucky enough to choose a wedding venue that included a place for the reception. Outdoor seating with twinkling lights strung overhead set the perfect mood. The rustic barn has a style of it’s own. Once a former “man-cave,” the neon lights and décor set the scene for some pretty amazing dancing!

Our wedding was filled with lots of DIY decor and vintage/flea market finds. I wanted everything to reflect us in some way, so what better way to do that than to make your own décor. There’s just something about creating decorations or finding them at a thrift store that make them that much more you. From our DIY “Jordan & Teal Good” marquee light, to a Swap Meet whiskey cart, to handmade table numbers and signs, to antique rugs from the Rose Bowl Flea and hanging escort buckets, everything was made or found with a little extra love. One of our favorite vendors was Tinker Tin Trailer Co, an antique trailer photo booth company with vintage costumes and props.

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Two Awesome Photographers….

A great photographer was really important to us. I came across Paige Jones’ photography on a blog and immediately fell in love. After our engagement shoot, I quickly realized how important it is to have good photographer. Aside from your significant other, your photographer is the only other person alongside you the entire day. Not only is it important to have someone who can capture all your special moments, it’s equally important to have someone who’s personality you enjoy and puts you at ease. Paige has the type of personality where you first meet her, you feel like you’ve been friends for years. Her husband Keith was her second shooter and is equally as awesome. 

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An Ice Cream Truck and Childhood Memories….

Jordan and I aren’t huge cake fans, but we love ice cream, so we rented an ice cream truck for dessert. Growing up we used to have novelty ice cream trucks come through the streets blazing their signature music. It’s one of my favourite childhood memories, so it was fun to have such a nostalgic vendor at our wedding.

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Quality Jams….

Apparently our date was a popular one because every DJ in San Luis Obispo was booked. What was first a sense of worry quickly became relief when we found a DJ/Entertainment company in Santa Barbara. The people at Gavin Roy Presents were very professional and DJ Flammez did a wonderful job going with the flow and playing quality jams at our reception.

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A Steve McQueen Motorbike….

There’s just something about riding a motorcycle that satisfies the soul. The wind in your hair, a sense of adventure, wide-open roads, a bit of danger, it makes me content. We rode off from our wedding on a vintage Triumph “Steve McQueen” inspired motorcycle with “Just Hitched” stitched on the back of my leather jacket. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day and start our next adventure as husband and wife.

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Favourite Moment….

My absolute favourite moment was when my dad walked me down the aisle and passed me over to Jordan. Jordan was quite emotional throughout the day and it all came to a head when I walked down the aisle. It was so touching to see how much he loves me and he wasn’t scared to show it. It reaffirmed what an incredibly man I married.

Any Advice for Couples Planning Their Wedding day?

Unexpected things will happen but go with the flow, be grateful for what goes as planned and don’t forget what the day is all about. It’s not about the food, the music or the decorations; it’s about a commitment to your best friend in front of the people that are most dear to you. It was over 100 degrees C on our wedding day, which was not something we expected with planning a wedding in October. Although it was warm during the ceremony, the temperature was comfortable during the reception. It’s easy to get caught up in everything because the day goes so fast. Take a minute during the reception to step back and take it all in.


Photography: Paige Jones
Venue: Holland Ranch
Brides Gown: Free People
Brides Flower Garland: Fluid Bloom Designs 
Brides Hair and Makeup: The Queens Bees
Groom: Suit – Topman; Bow Tie – Tie Bar
Flowers: Fluid Bloom Designs 
Ice Cream Truck: S&D’s Mr Nice Cream
Caterer: McGee’s Catering 
Entertainment: Gavin Roy Presents


Wedding beauty on its way!

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