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There is a lot to love about Jen and Mat’s super chilled and relaxed festival style wedding captured so beautifully by the Nicola Casey Photography. Their venue, Scraptoft Hill Farm, with it’s wild flower meadows, woodland ceremony area and glamping facilities is so pretty as are the handpicked flowers that make up the bouquets and fill the many jam jars dotted around the venue. There is a stage supplied by the Complete Event Hire Company, which completely captures the festival vibe, and a pair of bright yellow wellies because it is a festival wedding after all…..

The main thing we wanted was for everyone to have a fun, happy, laid back day with games, live music, food and to get merry! We didn’t set out wanting a theme as such but the vision we had was a fun, outdoor wedding in beautiful surroundings with vintage and rustic touches. It naturally progressed into a festival style wedding and we loved it!

Jen and Mat talks us through how it all began and the many personal touches that make their wedding so special.

Look out for Jen’s gorgeous bespoke wedding dress (designed by herself) and Mat’s relaxed groom style.

A Gorge, White Lady Falls and One Knee….

The proposal was at Lydford Gorge National Trust in Devon on 4th April 2015. We were heading down to Cornwall for our holidays and as it is a long drive we usually stop off on the way down to do a bit of sightseeing. Mat was very keen to stop at his favourite place Lydford Gorge. We had been before and I wanted to go somewhere different but Mat was adamant to go there (me having no idea why’) We had a lovely long walk and halfway round there is the most beautiful waterfall called white lady falls and Mat insisted we walked as far as we could up to it with me walking in front. As I turned round he was there on one knee holding out the most stunning ring that he had bespoke made for me! I was completely in shock and it was such a huge surprise (an amazing one of course) I was crying and couldn’t string a sentence together for the rest of the day. It really was such a special day.

jen-mat's-festival-wedding-scraptoft farm jen-mat's-festival-wedding-scraptoft farm wedding-bouquet-jen-and-matt's-festival-style-wedding

A Bespoke Wedding Dress and Birdcage Veil….

Being a Fashion Designer and Dressmaker, the dress was very important to me. I always knew I would have a Bespoke made dress whether I made it myself or not. It had to be different and something that no-one else had worn before. After lots of thought I decided to have it made. I wanted to enjoy the experience of going for fittings and having something made for me for a change. I designed it myself along with the extremely talented Bridalwear designer and dressmaker Helen Pollington

Helen and I worked together years ago in Bridalwear and when I decided to have it made I thought of her straight away. I felt at complete ease working with Helen on it as we already knew each other it felt like working with a friend. She is a complete pro too so I knew I could trust her. I always knew I would have a short dress as its just more me and it had to be pure silk. It is a very special day afterall. Being a complete lover of anything vintage I had my heart set on a 1950’s style dress with my own little designs added to make it different and it was made in an italian silk duchess satin, my absolute fav! I felt so comfortable in it all day and even better once I had put my wellies on!

I had a beautiful bespoke hairband and birdcage veil made by the fabulous Doll’s Mad Hattery who are based in Leicestershire to go with my dress. Amy was fantastic to work with and understood exactly what I wanted. It was perfect. She made the flowers from the same fabric as my dress so it all matched beautifully.

bespoke-vintage-style-50's-wedding-dress-jen-mat's-festival-wedding 50's-style-bespoke-wedding-dress-tea-length-festival-style-wedding vintage-style-50's-shoes-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding 50's-style-pink-sparkly-shoes-with-bow-festival-style-wedding bespoke-vintage-style-50's-wedding-dress-jen-mat's-festival-wedding vintage-car-wedding-transport-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding vintage-car-wedding-transport-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding bespoke-vintage-style-50's-wedding-dress-jen-mat's-festival-wedding bespoke-vintage-style-50's-wedding-dress-jen-mat's-festival-wedding bride-in-wellies-jen-mat's-festival-wedding

A Personal Ceremony in A Beautiful Woodland….

From the moment we stepped foot on Scraptoft Hill Farm we knew we had found the place we wanted to celebrate our wedding. We both always wanted to say our ‘ I do’s’ outside on a summers day among nature and Scrapftoft was the perfect place for that. Our ceremony took place in an intimate secluded woodland within the farm. My wonderful mum, Jackie walked me down the isle with my beautiful niece Danielle as bridesmaid and my sweet little flower girl, Jasmine who is the daughter of my very good friend Jessica leading the way. We walked to Jack Johnson’s Angel. Our very good friend David performed our ceremony for us in a very personal, humorous but heartfelt way. It was perfect and made even more special that it was someone close to us.

We chose this spot for our ceremony as it is so naturally beautiful and we didn’t want to take away from that with lots of decoration, so we kept that to a minimal and understated with some bunting and fabric laid out on the tree stumps for people to sit on. It really was very special and a place we will always visit.

Some guests camped the night before and on the night of the wedding. Mat camped with his best man Ian the night before and we stayed in a Yurt on our night of the Wedding. It was situated opposite the most gorgeous cornfield just next to the meadow which also had a shepherds hut and log filled hot tub next to it.

woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farmwoodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farmwoodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm woodland-ceremony-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-Scraptoft farm

Wild Flower Meadow, DIY Decor, Handpicked Flowers and Lots of Bunting….

Our reception was held in the wild meadow next to the woodland. It was particularly stunning that time of year as the meadow was blooming with wild flowers. Our marquee was decorated with jam jars and glass bottles (which we had saved for months!) filled with wild flowers provided by our fantastic florist who also created our bouquets and buttonholes. We wanted them to look like they had been handpicked from the garden with various colours and styles. I also handmade some citronella candles both finished off with personalised labels and hessian ties and of course lots of bunting! My extremely creative and artistic sister Clare made all of our wooden signs dotted around the farm and spent hours hand painting them all. They looked just the part.

stetch-tents-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm stetch-tents-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm vintage-drinks-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm wooden-DIY-signs-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bouncy-castle-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm cake-table-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm sweets-table-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm vintage-seating-plan-sign-jen-and-mats-festival-style-wedding

Wild Flower 3 Tiered Cake….

Our cake, made by our wonderful Auntie Helen, was beautiful with such intricate sugar work. The wild flowers on top looked real they were so good! It worked perfectly for our style of wedding with the flowers on the cake matching the flowers on the tables and our Bouquets by Cornflower Blue Flowers – just perfect!

tiered-wedding-cake-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-mat-festival-brides-feature-58decor-festival-brides-feature-59 candle-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm country-flowers-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farmcountry-flowers-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm table-setting-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm

Relaxed Catering and An Ice Cream Tricycle….

We chose to have very relaxed and laid back catering so people could eat what they like and sit where they like. We had Jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings and a vintage ice cream tricycle. We set up an old oil drum, lent to us by the farmer, Will for people who wanted to throw something on the barbecue to eat. We also had a buffet in the evening and some homemade pies, thank you mum Millns. We had a drinks tent and bought in some local ales. We couldn’t believe our luck when it came to the weather. Glorious sunshine from the moment I stepped out the front door until the evening do. The heavens opened in the evening but at that point no-one cared! Everyone was having fun and the was the main thing!

jacket-potato-outdoor-catering-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm music-and-band-stage-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm dog-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-and-groom-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-and-groom-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm country-flowers-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farmDIY-wooden-signs-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farmgroom-and-bestman-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm groom-style-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm groom-style-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm groom-party-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm DIY-wooden-signs-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bespoke-vintage-style-bag-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-in-wellies-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm stretch-tents-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm ice-cream-bike-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm ice-cream-bike-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm ice-cream-bike-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farmjen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm speeches-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm speeches-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm

A Wonderful Creative and Artistic Photographer….

What can we say, Nicola Casey is just fantastic! Not only is she a complete pro, she is a lovely person who makes you feel completely at ease when photographing. She blended in so well too, you could hardly notice she was there (meant in nicest way possible 😉 ) She was a wonderful guest as well as our photographer. Nicola completely understood our intent and delivered naturally stunning shots, she has a creative and artistic eye for sure and has a great talent. She certainly captured the happiness of the day along with those special little moments. Looking back at our photographs fills us with joy and we are forever grateful.

bride-and-groom-in-widlflower-meadow-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-and-groom-in-widlflower-meadow-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-and-groom-in-widlflower-meadow-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farmbride-and-groom-in-woodland-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm bride-and-groom-in-woodland-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm blue-yellow-white-flower-bouquet-jen-and-mats-festival-style-wedding jen-mat-festival-brides-feature-134 jen-mat-festival-brides-feature-137 jen-mat-festival-brides-feature-138 jen-mat-festival-brides-feature-139 jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm cutting-the-cake-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm

80’s and Classic Rock….

Our evening entertainment were just Fantastic!! We felt very lucky having such talent singing and performing on our special day (including the groom!) We had a covers band called Generations with front man Michael Courtney who played 80’s music, our favourite! They were Brilliant! We also had a band set featuring the amazingly talented lead vocalist Kerry O’Dowd who featured on this years The Voice. They performed some classics along with some current pop. We all had a blast!

The band line up was:

Lead Vocalists – Michael Courtney & Kerry O’Dowd
Lead Guitar – Marc C Hayes
Keys and Bass player – Josh Weaver
Drums – Corey Jaye Hall
Percussion – Keith Stallard

first-dance-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm first-dance-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm entertainment-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm live-music-entertainment-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm

Favourite Moment….

All of it! It is so hard to say as the whole day was great…. We both loved the first dance and later dancing in the rain to Billy Idol’s White Wedding was so much fun! For me, I loved watching my husband perform on stage, that was very special.

live-music-entertainment-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm umbrella-jen-and-mat's-festival-wedding-at-Scraptoft farm

Any Advice?

Have the day you both want to have! Don’t get bogged down with having something because you think you should or because it’s tradition. Have the wedding that will make you both happy. Try not to stress too much and enjoy yourself, It goes so quickly!

A huge THANKYOU to our mum’s and dad’s and our families who have helped to make our perfect day happen. A special thank you to my dear step dad Keith Stallard who worked day and night along with Matt Boyles, Grant Witton and of course hubby Mat to put the stage, lighting, sound and entertainment together and making a great time happen. We are very lucky.

The Line Up

Photography: Nicola Casey Photography
Venue: Scraptoft Hill Farm
Marquee: Complete Event Hire Company
Bride’s Dress: Jennifer’s Bespoke & Helen Pollington Bride 
Bride’s Birdcage Veil: Doll’s Mad Hattery
Bride’s Shoes & Bag: Irregular Choice 
Bride’s Wellies: Joules
Bride’s Jewellery: Lovett & Co
Groom: Waistcoat – Slaters; Trousers – Topman; Shirt – Fred Perry; Tie – Tie Room; Shoes – Fly
Bridesmaids: Jennifer’s Bespoke
Flowers: Cornflower Blue Flowers 
Stage, Sound & Lighting: Complete Event Hire Company
Catering: Jacket Potatoes – Victorian Oven For Your Event; Ice Cream Tricycle – Lee’s Ice Dreams and Ale – Charnwood Brewery


Wedding beauty on its way!

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