A few weeks ago we introduced you to the lovely Rachel from Bride By The Beach wedding blog. She joined the Festival Brides team earlier this month so she could blog and share her amazing beach wedding ideas with you lovely people in the lead up to her Ibiza wedding.

For her first post she shared her inspiration moodboards which are full of gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS, beach meets boho wedding inspiration. If you missed it then click here.

Today it’s all about the dress and what a dress it’s going to be!

We’ve been providing quite a bit of wedding dress advice and inspiration this week with Clare’s post on backless dresses, real bride Alison’s experience of finding her dress and now this fabulous post from Rachel. Finding the one dress can be a daunting task so we hope we’re making things that little bit easier for you.

Over to our Bride By The Beach….

It’s All About The Dress

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

How have we all been this week? Manically trying to tick things off the wedding to do list? Flinging away all the biscuits because you’re realising the big W-day is only a few short months away? Cutting fingers open trying to recreate wire hearts you’ve seen on Pinterest? Yes, well that sums up my week. It suddenly dawned on me that we have only 5 months to go and I bet you that they’ll fly by in a blink of a wink.

Good news is that my dress is looking ahhhmazing. Well the muslin practice dress is. And just the top bit mind. Because it doesn’t have a skirt. Looks a bit weird but fits proper good. (For all those who don’t know, my lovely Mother in Law to be is making my dress from scratch. Yup you heard me – from scratch.)

Now I can hear all the new brides screaming at me now “WHY????!!!”. Why put all that extra pressure on both the Bride and the poor soul making it when you can experience the loveliness of going wedding dress shopping? Well you can read more about my crazy decision here but in essence I didn’t fancy spending thousands of pounds on a dress I’d wear once and I wanted to wear something that I absolutely loved and fitted perfectly.

There are of course plenty of stunning dresses out there that don’t have to cost a fortune and then there are some stunning dresses that I think yep, that’s worth remortgaging my house for. Whilst combing t’internet to find inspiration I came across some of these beauties that are perfect for a boho laid back beachside wedding. What do you think?


Image Credit: Julie Vino


Image Credit: Grace Love Lace Collette


Image Credit: Grace Love Lace – HollieRue-De-Seine---Eve

Image Credit: Rue De Seine – Eve


Image Credit: The Lane Zuhair Murad


Image Credit: Free People

Temperley-London1 Temperley-London

Image Credit: Temperley London – Goodess

Inbal-Dror Inbal-Dror1 Inbal-Dror2 Inbal-Dror3

Image Credits: Inbal Dror 

Apologies for the many glorious pics from Inbal Dror but I honestly couldn’t pick my favourite – they are all incredible. If’ got a spare minute, do check out my other favourite Tel Aviv designers, Lihi Hod, Zahavit Tshuba and Julie Vino. There must be something in the water over there because each designer creates stunning masterpieces – read more on my dress crushes here.

Seeing these stunners does make me think to myself “So what if we have to eat baked beans on toast for the next 8 months – just buy the damned dress!”

However, I think I’m pretty relaxed about what I’m wearing for the big day. I’ve tried a few on and there was one that fitted really well so that’s what we’re loosely basing my dress on. I’ve never had a picture in my mind of “The One” when I was a little girl so as a Big Girl I just want one that highlights my best features (shoulders) and hides the bad (stomach – I will never have a 2 pack let alone 6). Oh and perhaps backless and lace. I can’t say much more in case The Boy is reading but all I can say is that I what I’ve tried on, I like very much.

Would love to hear stories of you guys choosing your dresses and if anyone else has undertaken this crazy task of making their own dress?!

Until next time xxx.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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