My my do we have a treat for your eyes today! Exquisite bridal label Luna Bea is giving Festival Brides readers the exclusive first look of their amazing new S/S17 collection of bridal accessories, due to launch in January 2017. The collection, which includes intricate contemporary head pieces, veils, chokers and ear cuffs, is limited edition with only 50 of each style being made. If you like what you see (which I can pretty much guarantee) then place your pre-order now via the Luna Bea website as these beauties are going to sell quick!

The collection is handcrafted in England the couture way which means that every single flower and every tiny element that makes up the design is drawn and cut by hand. Nothing is mass produced and that is what we LOVE about it. As a bride, you know that when you adorn yourself with a Luna Bea bridal accessory the morning of your wedding that no one in the entire world has a piece the same – it is unique, just like you.

We asked Lou, the talent behind Luna Bea, a few questions about the collection and her inspiration as well as that all important questions – how to buy them!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ah this bit is hard, as I am a bit of a reclusive art type person. I am originally a embroidery designer for fashion, so designing and making hand embroideries with pencil, paper and a needle and thread. When I was 25 I won a scholarship to study a M.A in Fashion at LCF. I’ve worked for all sorts of people, and designers, I am a tom boy with a love of textures and sensual fabrics and the sublimely feminine. 

What made you start Luna Bea?

I made one piece for my friend who brought her gown through the Mews bridal, now my bridal family, and they loved it. When she wore it I had loads of enquiries and I thought hang on I really love making these and women that I admire love them so maybe I should just make a collection. I actually made the 1st collection in the evening whilst I was still freelancing, then Mews called me in and brought the whole collection! Christy from Loho Bride then found me and that was it. I have worked my butt off but I love it.

What makes Luna Bea’s bridal accessories stand out from a crowd? 

Well I am still so flattered that Luna Bea has had such a positive reception. Luna bea is still a baby really at 1.3 years old, so I am super happy to take the label of cult pieces for the bride that wants something different. I make the pieces in small quantities, ethically as a rejection of fast fashion and disposable pieces. These are pieces to be loved and treasured like little time capsules of memory.

Every single flower and every tiny element of Luna Bea that makes the design is drawn and cut by hand in England exactly the same way as it would be in Parisian Couture.

I guess what makes Luna Bea different in this respect is that every single flower and every tiny element of Luna Bea that makes the design is drawn and cut by hand in England exactly the same way as it would be in Parisian Couture. I am obsessive about detail, and the heritage process that the pieces are made in, so they are modern pieces made a very old fashioned way with influences from contemporary art and fashion.

Tell us about the new S/S17 collection and the inspiration behind it?

“Inspired by the luminescent light, sensuality and deeply feminine imagery of the pre raphaelites, the raw quality of beauty and the celebration of female divinity. ̋ 

This season sees a re examination of adornment in both the traditional sense and the contemporary. Dressing of the female body with visual signifies their purpose and the connection between the sacred the sensual and the decoration of the female form. Accessories move away from being restricted to the hair and become multi wear, each piece cut and gold plated in the UK with floral motifs positioned to highlight the eyes, lips, nape of the neck, and collar bone, all deeply sensual and intimate areas between lovers.

Sensitive, precious and romantic but never sweet these pieces our for the modern elegant woman who’s sexuality and beauty comes from her confidence and aura.

How can our readers buy your pieces?

 The pieces will be available from mid Jan online from my website and from my amazing stockists .

Do you have any advice for brides when it comes to matching your accessories with their dresses?

I would say go with what you love, its simple but when you find the right piece you will know. It’s important to feel like you, with your hair be yourself, just a polished version of your everyday hair. I like loose sexy undone hair, with the pieces.

Finally, what’s Luna Bea’s life quote/motto? 

Follow your intuition , be smart, be brave, tell the truth and don’t take any shit.

For more information on Luna Bea and their stunning collections of bridal accessories, visit their website or email Lou at

The Line Up

Bridal Accessories: Luna Bea

Photography: Darren Skene

Make-Up & Hair: Anna Inglishall

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