Con 2Guten Morgan hotties! So! Unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the past month (which’d be understandable, January isn’t exactly everyones favourite month!), you will have noticed that us wedding bloggers are paying the ‘industrial’ trend quite a lot of attention, and rightly so, it’s one of this year’s hottest, chicest looks for your wedding. All well and good, right? Pinterest is awash with suuuper chic images of warehouse-esq weddings, demonstrating the utilisation of everyday materials as the next big thing in styling, and you’re all like: ‘For sure, this is gonna be awesome. I mean, how hard can it be to make a breeze block look glam?!’ Whelp, luckily enough for you lady, it’s about to get a lot easier! Today, we’re gonna take some time out to break down this trend into the materials and statement pieces you need to concern yourself with, as well as how to execute some of the factory-cool looks we’re seeing so much of! ‘Cause let’s face it, there’s a HUGE difference between whether you go with bricks or cinder blocks, and lighting the said blocks of concrete can be even trickier! Here’s how to nail this trend! As ever, no pun intended. Ahem…

Effortlessly Cool Concrete

WHO. KNEW. Right!? But yes, you read correctly: right now, concrete c’est trés cool and not just for the minimalist bride either, oh no! Boho, festival brides are whole-heartedly endorsing this slightly grimy trend as the new ‘rustic’. Con 9Con 10Whether it’s a DIY candle holder or vase that’s a little rough round the edges, exposing those deliciously textured air bubbles (watch this space for a DIY on that note!), or a super-sleek chunky dessert table, this simple, pale stone is the ultimate industrial statement piece. We just adore how that mink grey shade sets off colour, making it all the more vibrant. And hello?! CINDER BLOCKS. …Yeah, I had no idea what they were called before this post either, but these cut-out concrete building blocks are pretty much ready made seating, tea light holders, flower/cacti vessels or they make a seriously cake stand. No really, check it out… Con 4 6Left: Dwelling Gawker  Right: BHG Con 1Con 11Con 4Con 8For real though, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so enamoured by a building material… Y’all best get used to that idea, there’s a lot more raw material loving to come! You can pick up cinder blocks at most building merchants (FYI, they might also be known as ‘hollow’ or ‘cellular’ concrete blocks) and they’re ready to go, no treatments needed! So, go ahead and get creative with these chunky, stone pieces!

The Rosy Metallic

Yup, you guessed it: copper is key for the industrial look. Well actually, if I take my biased hat off, any utilitarian metal is key to this trend. We’re talking beat up tin, galvanised steel even, but most definitely copper. C1 3Left: Georgeous  Right: Flickr C2Now, y’all know we LOVE this material, irregardless of the industrial spin (read more on copper right here), but when it comes to warehouse-chic, we’re ALL about copper piping. …Don’t give me that look, I did warn you that this post was primarily about building materials! Using straight pipes combined with corner pieces (all available from your local hardware store, at a pretty reasonable rate usually!) a multitude of awesome and radiculously cool ornaments can be fashioned, the favourite being centre-piece-worthy candelabras! C4 6Left: Dishfunctional Designs  Right: Mingardo C5C7Again, who knew?! Styled alongside fresh foliage and an otherwise monochrome palette, this rose metal really sings! It’s industrial, but it’s all kinds of glamorous too though, hey?

Wood You Mind?

This next material has been to the wedding world what Cara Delevingne was to fashion in 2014: imperative. Reclaimed wood; that old faithful friend who supports every bride through her wedding-styling journey. Truly versatile, the industrial trend welcomes vintage wood with open arms! Don’t we all?! RW 3RW10So, this is pretty much your checklist of necessary wood elements for instant industrial charm:

  • Large old wooden filing cabinet: repurposed as an unbelievably cool dessert table (displaying cupcakes in the open drawers is mandatory. Like, duh!)
  • Skinny, metal labelled drawers: because there quite simply is no cooler table plan/escort card display for the industrial theme
  • Palettes: industrial in every way, they’re also useful in every way! Ceremony backdrops, menu signs, seating, coffee tables in your lounging area, even a mini stage for you and your groom to be wed upon… Really, just think outside the box (or should that be palette?!), the possibilities are endless and incredible!
  • Old, distressed doors: um, hi awesome ceremony backdrop! Par exemple…

RW 4RW8 9Left: Frosted Petticoat Blog  Right: Wedding Chicks RW 1RW11

Light it Right

Every planning bride-to-be knows that lighting is key, but really, when it comes to the industrial look, lightings is KEY. Luckily enough, there’s an abundance of options available on the market right now, from steel and glass candle holders, hung with (what else?!) worn brown string… L1L4 12Left: Eclectic Living Home  Right: Wedding Gawker …To neon signs of affection! Long story short: if the lighting is either paired with a battered metal element, giving it that almost war-time feel or, alternatively, it shows off the exposed bulb, like any of the lit signs below, or an old-style festoon… You’re winning! L7L10That standing lamp, though! If you’re looking to buy and keep your wedding lighting as a keepsake, you totally need to check out the collection at Made. No, really, go now! They have a sale on and they’re SO hot on the whole industrial thang! L11L6Oh, HELLO silhouette shot! Strings of festoons paired with that open brick and undressed floor… Suuuch a good shout! Also, it’s worth a mention at this point that all of these ideas would work in numerous settings. Don’t feel that just ’cause you fancy a bit of an industrial vibe at your wedding that you have to hire a warehouse… Derelict barns, outdoor settings, even tipis will all host 2015’s take on rustic charm! L8L9The hanging light bulb (in its multitudes!) remains a firm favourite and ultimate top table statement for this year. You best get hinting to your hubby-to-be, he could totally DIY that frame!

We be Propping

That’s right, babes. Second to acing the raw materials you choose, the industrial look is all about the props! In a nutshell: if it was used to perform some sort of manual labour, it’ll probably make an awesome photo prop/centre piece! P1P3P16Seriously, though! (…And you thought I was kidding!) We’re talking wooden decorating ladders, old wooden window frames (that instalment, above, was their ceremony backdrop, isn’t it divine!?) And the chairs, let’s not forget the chairs! P8P12Think mismatched. In every way, mismatched: different colours, different styles, different eras. The only thing they need to have in common is that ‘worn in’ look. Vintage, reclaimed wooden chairs are a major hit, and throwing in a few steel stools, or coloured metal chairs is a seriously rad way to mix it up a little more! P17P15I mean… Who doesn’t love a bit of mismatch?! It’s good for the soul! As with all weddings, of course, it’s all in the details, and the industrial look certainly lends itself to that. I think this next shot is probably one of our favourite bits of ‘Pinspiration’ for this month in fact (and we Pin, like, A LOT)! Vintage, slim wooden clipboards with ‘product record’ menus… Nailed it, guys. P13P10P18 20Left: Knots and Kisses  Right: My Big Day P7From iron cogs as candle holders, to old sewing machines and vintage irons at the centre of your tables… It’s time to go on the hunt for these iconic, British household items and see them in an entirely different light. And, as a side note: if it’s got a glass panel, you better believe we’ll be writing on it in white chalk pen. This is a must for 2015 weddings, it just adds that little extra something to an otherwise worn piece. We LOVE. P19So I’m seriously try to find a space in my house for that right now… Not even joking! It’d make a good post box, right?! Let us know what y’all think on this trend! What props/materials are you thinking of using and pairing up? Are you putting a boho twist on your industrial vibe? Peace + Love Clare X


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