So I’m back! Did you all miss me!? It seems like an age ago now when I hung up my blogging hat for 8 weeks to travel South America for our honeymoon with my new husband (still not tired of saying that!). I thought becoming Mrs D was pretty epic but spending time in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil may have just about trumped it. We have had an absolutely incredible time………South America has blown me away – it’s such a beautiful part of the world so if you are looking for a destination to spend your first weeks as husband and wife then GO……….especially to Brazil. There’s no finer thing than sipping on a Caipirinha on Ipanema Beach with mountains covered in jungle to your right, a Samba band playing to your left and some of the coolest people you will ever see all around you! It’s beyond awesome.

Talking of  Samba………..whilst we were in Brazil I fell in love with this infectious genre of dance music, as well as the more chilled sounds of Bossa Nova (a fusion of samba and jazz). Both types of music play a huge role in Brazilian culture and are the reasons why a night out in Rio is like nowhere else in the world! They also explain why Rio is nicknamed Cidade Maravilhosa or ‘The Marvellous City’…….no matter where you are there is always this underlying feeling that there’s a Samba party to be had somewhere or a romantic night sitting on the beach under the stars. Even during our taxi ride to the airport for our flight home Bob and I were having a little samba party with the taxi driver!

It’s for this reason that for my first Independent Love Song since returning home, I have chosen a beautiful Bossa Nova love song that I think captures the romance and heart of Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro.

Also known as ‘Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars,’ Corcovado by Vinicius de Moraes tells the story of climbing the Corcovado in Rio, which is the mountain with the famous statue of Christ at the top, and basking in the romance of two lovers looking out over the twinkling lights above and below. It’s a beautiful classic bossa nova song and this version by Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto is the one I heard the most while I was in Rio.

Take a moment to listen to this very special love song as it deserves, and will capture, your heart.


Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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