Happy bank holiday peeps!

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter – I’ve been in mini egg heaven over the last few days! They’re a bit too moreish!

Today’s Independent Love Song is chosen by Rachel and Jared whose amazing festival wedding was featured on Festival Brides last week. If you missed it then click here.

Over to Rachel and Jared……..

“We had a toss up between 3 songs, and decided 2 minutes before we actually had the dance! We chose Queen – You’re my best friend.

Jared and I always tell each other that we are best friends so it seemed perfect……………and I love Queen! The best part of the first dance was that Jared HATES dancing so after a minute, he signalled the best man up to dance with the bridesmaid, but the bridesmaid was no-where to be found….so in stepped my buddy Steve (Heron, who played the guitar as we walked down our makeshift aisle) to dance with Rory! Hilarious, everyone was cracking up. Then Jared danced with my Mum and that made me such a happy girl………”

Happy Easter guys! Enjoy x

Now where did I put those mini eggs…….

Big Love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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