Today’s alternative first dance love song is chosen by Alison and Neil whose Origami Inspired Mini-Festival Wedding we featured earlier today.

This is the first time I have heard this song – in fact it’s the first time I have heard of the band so thank you to both Alison and Neil for introducing me to some new music.

“Our first dance was the song “Perfect One” by a band called Lit that we have both loved since we first got together in sixth form. This song was on the first mix tape (on a genuine cassette) that Neil gave to me when we were both 17. It seemed right to dance to it at our wedding 13 years later after growing up together.”

I love the reasons as to why they chose this song. Receiving a mix tape from a boy was quite a big thing for a young lady especially at the start of a new relationship. I remember spending hours listening to tapes a boy had made me – reading way too much into the lyrics and searching for hidden meanings! It is a lovely feeling when you’re first falling in love and having a tape that reminds you of that time is something very special.

Enjoy lovelies….

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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