I heard this gorgeous song from Joan As A Police Woman on Guy Garvey’s 6 Music show a few Sundays a go and was completely mesmerized by it. You know when a song stops you dead in your tracks and compels you to listen to it? Well that’s what this song did for me. The lyrics, the voice, the rawness of it – it is just a beautiful song and in my opinion the perfect alternative first dance love song.

My interpretation of Real Life is that real love isn’t perfect. It can be crazy at times and heart breaking. It can rip you apart and expose you for who you really are. It digs deep and challenges you to share the deepest and maddest parts of you, which at first, you might be scared to share. BUT. If after all that, the person whose inspiring all this from you sticks around – then you know its forever.

It’s true what they say about me
That I’m out of my mind but I think that you like it
So take the chance
Be reckless with me

‘Cause I’m real life
And you’re real life
And we’re real life
We’re real life

Enjoy this song lovely people – its a keeper….

If you would like to share an alternative first dance love song under Independent Love Song then please get in touch. We need the song, artist and your reasons why it rocks as a first dance love song.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Big Music Love

Laura xx 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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