Happy Monday Peeps!

So I’m back fresh as a daisy from India! We had an absolutely amazing time – I adore that country and its people. It really is an amazing place that is full of colour, smiles and complete and utter chaos which is completely endearing and actually makes India such a wonderful and fascinating country. We had our dose of Veg Thali and Masala Dosa, eaten by our right hand of course, and slightly over did it on real local Indian chai and chilli pakoras! We bargained hard for ‘good price’ on the many blankets, trinkets,  harem trousers and sarongs I purchased (still wish we got more!). We visited Hampi and stepped into the jungle book for two days, dodging monkeys and getting lost in ancient temples. We shared the beach with the sacred cows and sunbathed to the words……’hello my friend…….hello drum and hello fruit!’ We hired mopeds and took day trips along the coast to untouched beaches where turtles were laying their eggs and we rode high up into the Goan mountains where we saw wild monkeys, water snakes and travelled through small villages amongst the most stunning green jungle! It was amazing, and if you ever have a chance to go, then please do! There are many preconceptions about India, how dirty, corrupt and poverty stricken it is and in the main cities these things are true but beyond that there is also an amazing country that is full of so much love, family values, happiness, culture, history and stunning green countryside. Its not all pale red dust and Delhi belly – believe me!

During our jolly in the Indian Jungle, I had this song buzzing around in my head so it had to be today’s Independent Love Song!

Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini is quite simply a song about love and the effect it has on us……you know the feeling when you feel like you could just burst because you’re so happy.

“My heart is beating like a jungle drum.”

I love Emiliana Torrini’s voice and her album Me and Armini is definitely worth listening too with some great tracks such as Big Jumps, Birds and Fireheads.

Enjoy my loves!

If you have a suggestion for an alternative first dance love song then don’t be shy – please share! We would love to hear your suggestions and share them on our festival pages! Email festivalbrides@gmail.com

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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