I am in love with this song from the Little Joy/Moldy Peaches duo Binki Shapiro and Adam Green. Here I am is essentially about recovering from a broken heart and learning to love again.

It is a deliciously sweet alternative first dance love song and Binki Shapiro’s voice adds a dreamlike tone to the lyrics that draws you in and begs you to listen.

It will allure you and your guests from the moment it starts to play.

Looking down the line at you
Left a trail I hope you will undo
The echoes of failure inside someone
To learn to feel the flavor of the sun

Enjoy this one peeps – it’s beautiful.

If you like this song then you will love Binki Shapiro & Adam Green’s debut album. It’s amazing. Think the XX meets Sonny and Cher!

Have a lovely evening.

We shall see your gorgeous faces tomorrow.

Big Music Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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