Morning Peeps and Happy Friday! We have some TUNES to share with you today to get you into the mood for the weekend.

Just in case you are new to the blog, Independent Love Song is a regular feature where we aim to provide you with alternative first dance love song suggestions for your wedding. Songs that go against the grain of the typical love song (we’re talking ‘my heart will go’ on type music) and instead offer something a bit different. Most of the songs we feature are chosen by our real life couples whose awesome weddings have been featured on Festival Brides and sometimes they are songs that I just think would be the perfect choice for a first dance! If you want to read/listen to them all, check out the music section of the blog.

Today’s fabulous choices are from James and Vicky, whose festival wedding we featured on Tuesday, and Chris and Nicky, whose Wedfest we shared a few weeks ago.

Here are their choices and reasons why. Enjoy!


James and Vicky – Suck it and See

Our first dance was ‘Suck it and See’ by Arctic Monkeys. This is taken from the Suck it and See album which was the soundtrack to our 6-week trip travelling around Peru and Brazil, and whenever we hear this it always takes us back to this memorable time.


Chris and Nicky – Together in Electric Dreams

Our first dance was Together in Electric Dreams by Phillip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder. This is Chris’s favourite song and always the one he asks for whenever we are in a cheesy enough club to feature some classic 80’s tunes. Whenever I hear this song it always makes me think of Chris and can’t help but make me smile. It was always going to be our first dance the only problem was how to actually dance to it. As such we thought we would bring in some professional help and turned to Wedding Day Dance UK. This is where we met Faye who totally rose to the challenge of a very difficult song with easy but effective moves for Chris and I to pull off on the day!

If you have a suggestion for an alternative first dance love song we would love to hear it. Please email us with your choice and reasons why and you might be up on the blog next week!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on the flip side.

Laura xxx

Top Image Credit – ELS Photography


Wedding beauty on its way!

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