Morning Lovely People,

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

We got back from our little ‘cottage in the middle of nowhere’ getaway on Saturday after what was a brilliant 5 days of chillaxing, eating, drinking, reading, walking and playing. It was so lovely to spend time as a family and with the bonus of having no phone signal and a very weak wifi connection, we really did get to switch off and just be in the moment. Like I said in my post last Monday, if you are looking for somewhere to escape for a few days then I would highly recommend The Bourbon Cottage. It’s set within view of the Black Mountains and is quite literally a window into some stunning views of the herefordshire countryside. It’s the perfect place to unwind and if you like a walk then there is a plethora of trails to explore not to mention numerous tracks that take you up and over The Black Mountains. Just wrap up warm if you decide to book this time of year!

For today’s alternative first dance love song I wanted to do something a bit different. Rather than sharing a track where the lyrics speak of love, I wanted to share with you a brilliant song where the music does all the talking.

Choosing a song for your first dance doesn’t always have to be about the meaning of the lyrics. Sometimes what makes a song perfect for you is just because you both love it. There isn’t any deep meaning behind it. You and your beau just appreciate the song and have probably spent many a night building memories with it playing in the background. We have featured many songs under Independent Love Song where our readers have chosen a track just because they both enjoy it. Simple.

Today’s song for me is one of those. It’s not a love song parse but it is certainly a tune that I can see people falling in love too. If you are a lover of blues and jazz with a bit of a Cuban twist, then this could be the first dance song for you.

A Love Supreme by the great Cuban conguero Angá Diaz, is a remix of John Coltrane’s classic album also named A Love Supreme and it is genius. I love the piano – it’s mesmerizing and the whole song invites you to tap those fingers and shake those hips!

Be prepared to be wowed people – this is an AWESOME bit of music!


Told you it was good! Big thanks to Gilles Peterson whose 6 Music radio show was where I first heard this track.

If you have a suggestion for an alternative first dance love song then don’t be shy! We want to hear it. Email us with the song title, artist and your reason why and we will share it on the blog.

Happy Monday Peeps,

Big Music Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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