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Last month I was lucky enough to work in Ibiza with some rather special women and Iconic hair brand Bumble & Bumble. I’m so thrilled to be able to share the images of this collaboration with you. Not just because they are great images that I know will offer you some fantastic hair and make up inspiration but also because it was such a fantastic team to work with and I want to shout about them and their talents from the roof tops!

The gang all live in Ibiza and as I’d chosen this place for it’s chilled vibe and beautiful style (you just can’t emulate that over here – as much as I try!!!) I wanted them to create what they love and do best for a real Ibiza feel. I already knew they were amazing so I left it up to them to do their thing.


A Cool Hippy Chick….

I wanted to create a ‘cool, hippy chick’ as I know you Festival Brides are all about that life, so who better to model for us than Queen Dreamer herself; Tahnee from innovative brand ‘In Your Dreams’!? She was an absolute angel to work with, the size of a flower fairy with huge heart and soul and ambition..I just loved her! (She is also a professional mermaid. I kid you not – Professional. MERMAID! And she has the hair to prove it! Yes, we WILL be BFF’s!!)


An Ibiza Glow….

Next up was make up, I knew Jess way before Lovehair was even a thing so it was awesome to finally work with her. Jessie of Bohemian Beauty is known for her make up – creating perfect skin with the right amount of glow and bronzy tones that can only mean summer. Her work is truly beautiful and as Jess was 8 months pregnant at the shoot, we were very lucky to have her before she went on leave. Thank you!!

We were thinking hen do’s and honeymoons so opted for a cool beach day time look that would be perfect for Ibiza pool parties. This was followed by ‘In Your Dreams’ goodness to take you to evening with some added drama around the eyes. (In real life, there would be some kind of MEGA power nap between the two…)

For life envy, boho-babe-ness, make up tips and general badass beautiful, you can (and I mean NEED to!) follow her Jessie on Instagram.

Our photographer was Mar and she was incredible!! Her style is fashion and more striking editorial looks among other things (She also photographs super star DJ’s) so working with her was so different and really inspiring for me. She has a beautiful soul and aura, but her work is butterfly inducingly good. Swwwwooooon!

Photos are great but I love how video captures the feel and movement on a shoot, so we also had the lovely Hector with us, videoing the whole day. It’s great for showing behind the scenes, what we got up to, how we work and the smiles throughout the day. As the only guy he had a pretty tough day, (!!!??) Bless his little Havaianas! He’s currently on some exciting adventure somewhere, but I will share his video as soon as he gets back.

The shoot took place at a friend’s family villa in Roca Llisa. It is spread over 5 floors, built into the cliffs and looks directly over the sea. It’s heaven. You can’t hire it, but it is for sale if you fancy a little holiday home on the white isle? Err…Who doesn’t!!??


Boho Locks and Sparkle….

Tahnee has beautiful thick hair so I had plenty to play with. I prepped her hair with Bumble and Bumble’s  ‘Don’t Blow It ‘for thick hair. She had come straight from a gig in Rome (like ya do…) so we were able to apply it and let her hair air dry in the sun, whilst Jess did her make up.


The Hair Styles….

For the half up styles, I wanted to see the hair looking natural even though I still needed to tame the plait, so I used texturising cream whilst it was still slightly damp to give me a little grit to work with and to give the waves some oomph

I then used a small amount of sumo gel to add shine without hold to any dry ends, (although the Don’t Blow It had done a great job!! Try the original one for slightly more manageable hair.)

As the day went on and the heat kicked in, I kept Surf Spray and Surf infusion on hand to tame, you can’t really go too mad with these so they are great for topping up throughout the day.

Plaits and twists are a whole new level at the moment with tribal and viking looks being warn constantly at festivals and on stage, but I wanted to give them a more feminine, wearable edge.

Plaits are around to stay but mix them up with other varieties braid styles, twists and knots to create lots of texture and keep them looking current rather than twee.

The MEGA BRAID is my current fave – Totally wearable, totally massive french plait going down the centre of the back. Lush! Try the iconic Surf Spray for adding height to the front, keeping the braid more relaxed. If you find it’s too wet – My ‘Top Tip’ is to spray it on the hair line and use a hairdryer  and your fingers to tease out for a sexy red carpet finish. I cannot live without it!

If the hair is feeling a little too silky to create such juicy braids try using Bumble’s Thickening Spray Surf Spray to create matte volume.

Tahnee added face gems from the In Your Dreams new collection. They are super easy to apply and great for Ibiza nights but wouldn’t look out of place on a night out or post wedding party. If you are unsure..Be brave and embrace your inner goddess!!

As you can see, we had fun! I absolutely loved working with this dream team and cant wait for next time already!!

Peace, Love & Awesome hair

Jo xx

The Line Up

Photographer: Mar Photography
Hair: Lovehair & Co
Make-Up: Jessie of Bohemian Beauty
Face Jewels: In Your Dreams
Gold Crochet Top: West Seventy Nine
Lemon Kimono: Deafended Decorum
Products: Bumble and Bumble UK


Wedding beauty on its way!

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