You’re in for a treat this Friday, babes! We’re talking trends that are Here to Stay. We listened to YOU guys and, according to our instagram feed, these are the trends that you guys continue to love, time and again! And d’you know what? We completely agree with you! These wedding concepts are timeless faves with us here at Festival Brides too, and we’re pretty convinced they’re gonna be around for a long while yet!

From reclaimed decor props, to the stunning ceremony arch, there’s also a must-get couple shot, a food styling fave and we’ll of course be throwing in a bit of sparkle! It’s us, after all!

So without further ado, 10 wedding trends that just. won’t. quit.

One: Cut a Rug

This might be our favourite. So much so, it’s kinda become a staple in our minds: wedding rugs.

Line the aisle with runners, say your ‘I dos’ stood on one, in fact just scatter them, in all their mismatched glory, throughout your wedding venue to create instant bohemian vibes and warmth.

Timeless in style, a vintage Persian or Kilim transforms almost any outdoor or rustic space into something really special.

Two: Dramatic Unveiling

You guys. The veil shot.

It’s very quickly become a must-have for our veil adorning brides. Whether you’re blessed with a suitably breezy day or not, with the help of a good photographer these atmospheric portraits can easily be created, and are just pure magic.

This next one’s definitely a framer.

Three: Something Old

Reclaimed, repurposed props are still one of the most popular styles we’re seeing in the alternative wedding industry.

It’s true: ‘They just don’t make ’em like they used to’.

So why opt for something new (that’s also potentially disposable and wasteful) when you could hire a perfectly refurnished piece of history? We just love when vintage items are used for a different purpose. They create beautiful focal points of interest for guests to engage with and, again, will create that timeless feel.

Four: Flower Fancy

We like our food to be pretty. In the wedding industry that equates to adding flowers, and we’re still so into that.

Flower topped cakes, petal adorned donuts, and edible blooms scattered in cocktails.

This trend just won’t quit, and for two very good reasons: a) one can never have too many flowers and b) although we jest about something being too pretty to eat, we’ll still eat it – every time!

The possibilities are endless and exceedingly gorgeous with this trend, which is why we’re convinced it’s here to stay.

Five: Smart Arch

The ceremony arch. It’s a definite fave!

Reinvented over the years, the arch has transformed through more geometric shapes, to full circular floral installations, but all with the same premise. Bohemian couples love to stand before an artistic arch-like structure to say their vows in the open air, who wouldn’t?!

It creates an almost architectural focal point, luscious with foliage and blooms, that our couples just cannot resist. Perfect at either end of your aisle, this trend makes the ‘must have’ list too!

Six: Sign Appeal

Signage. It’s a big deal. And getting it just right (in terms of both content and style) can be crucial for a lot of couples.

That wonderfully effortless looking calligraphy remains a favourite, with black board, wood and perspex acting as seamless neutrals with almost any wedding setting or theme.

This trend ticks so many boxes: the styling suits so many different weddings, the font work is fancy while legible, it’s achievable (be that DIY or by hire) and let’s face it, you gotta have signs!

Seven: Heartfelt Words

Vows. They’re often a cause for controversy: do you go traditional? Or do you risk spilling your heart in front of family and friends?

There’s a key to that last sentence: the words ‘family and friends’. We advocate you doing whatever feels comfortable, of course, but it’s important to remember that your wedding is a celebration and expression of your love, and your guests are rooting for you, they want to celebrate you!

You guys so often love the quotes we share that express love in its various forms, so whether it’s your vows, a reading, or a quote you include in your stationery; heartfelt words of love are certainly a pursuit we won’t be giving up anytime soon!

Eight: Stacked

The ring stack. We’re talking at least 2, if not 3/4 beautifully coordinated rings stacked high on your finger to create your very own, very personal signature ring selfie!

Clusters of diamonds, striking coloured stones, unique constellation-like shapes… There’s a reason this trend is here to stay!

I mean, what could be better than one diamond ring? That’s right: three!

Nine: Peacock Perfect

We posed the question on instagram earlier this month: ‘Will the wedding world ever get over the peacock chair?’ and, just as we hoped, you guys fervently responded: ‘Hell nah!’

Because when else can you and your lover sit upon 70s style wicker thrones and be the bohemian king and queen that you truly are?!

They’re the perfect low-key statement (oxymoron much?!) and if you’re lucky enough to reclaim your own bargain peacock (like we did!) it makes a magical keepsake.

Ten: (fairy) Light + Love

I’m pretty certain you guys guessed this one the moment you read the title though, right?!

Fairy lights. Be that a wall of gently twinkling LEDs, or old school swags of festoons; they’re an absolute must. The perfect evening lighting, they’re the magic sparkle every wedding needs.

Plus the photo opportunities, I mean…

And there we have it, 10 staples that your bohemian wedding (and those of the foreseeable future!) just cannot be without! They continue to give us all the fuzzy feels! Which are your faves? Are you including any into your plans? Let us know!

Have a beautiful weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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