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Hope you all had a good weekend. Kel and I were working hard preparing for, and exhibiting, at the Save The Date Wedding Event in Nottingham. It was a fab show and we got to meet some awesome brides and grooms to be who are planning festival weddings – if any of you are reading this we’re expecting an invite! Te he!

We’ll be doing a full report of the days events later in the week, including pictures of our stand and our festival scrapbook which went down a treat at the show!

So……… we bring you part 2 of Hannah and Tim’s amazing festival wedding. If you missed Part 1 then simply scroll down to the next post or click here.

Please show some appreciation for the sofa swings – I want one in my garden!

Over to Hannah and Tim:

“We sat down to a feast of hog roast, and enjoyed the speeches, before everyone proceeded to get up and put on the provided fancy dress!

For our festival music line-up we pulled in favours from friends, professional musicians and DJs. We started with some acoustic rock that played as guests arrived. This then moved on to rum soaked reggae and ska and then a blinding set of drum and bass. To finish the night we had good friend and officially the friendliest man in all ravedom, Mike Freear playing a set that mixed the beach boys with bagpipes all backed with enormous slabs of savage bass. Everyone danced up to (and little bit past) the venues curfew!

We had our first dance and then took the first bite of cake, from the cup cake tower and invited everyone to join in.

The festival music theme really got into full swing later in the evening, when our friends performed a fire show involving fire poi and staffs. The bonfire was lit to allow guests to enjoy the evening and the outside, and a late night BBQ replenished everyone ready to continue to party throughout the night – which we did!

It really was the best day of our lives, and in all honesty even with our excellent experience of organising a good party, we know we shall never beat this!

Favourite Moment of your day?

Hannah: ” We had some fantastic speeches from our two best men and my best friend, which was interrupted dramatically by a 20 minute down poor of rain! We had been expecting the rain, but hoped it wouldn’t come and luckily it was perfectly timed, once we’d all sat down in the shelter of the marquee. Tim’s brother had just begun his speech as all the other ‘Wedding Helper’s’ ran back outside to protect the hay bails from the rain. He exclaimed during his speech ‘Excellent now everyone’s running away’, to great amusement as he had been dreading doing the speech altogether. This amused everyone and relaxed them all into some beautifully worded and memorable speeches. Once the speeches we’re complete we all helped ourselves to the hog roast and feast lay out.”

Tim: “We had been so busy for months leading up to the day and then the day itself was a whirlwind of activity and emotion. During the fire show I decided to take a few minutes and climb the staircase to the tree house overlooking the site. From here I could see everyone and take some time to appreciate how happy and relaxed everyone was. All were having a great time, from Grandparents sitting around the fire to regular festival goers and party people in fancy dress dancing to huge bass lines.

Venue and Hog Roast: Wise Wedding Venue

Salads: Provided by Waitrose delivery service. Due to the isolation of the venue, no kitchen or preparation area was available as it was in a woodland glade, so we choose Waitrose delivery service for ease!

Wedding Stationery: Tim designed the ‘Wedfest Ticket’s’ himself inspired by tickets of festivals we have been to. We wanted to give the idea of it being a music festival!

Sound system –

Photographer: David Burke Photography

Thank you so much to Hannah and Tim for sharing your awesome wedding with us and to David Burke for his fantabulous photograpy – how amazing were those photos of the fire show!?

Love their take on the wedding guestbook as well.

Hannah and Tim’s first dance will be featured under Independent Love Song later on this afternoon so don’t be a stranger.

Happy Monday guys!

Big Love,

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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