Hey babes, it feels like we’ve walked right in to Autumn doesn’t it?! September always gives me ‘New Year’ feels and whether you are a child, have a child or have ever been a child, I feel like it’s ingrained into us to feel ‘back to school-ish’ every September…

With both mine being at Secondary school this year (horror!) and being asked what they want to do when they’re older (whaaaa!??) It got me thinking about how all these people with AWESOME jobs in the wedding industry got started… Did they know they would end up in this career? Did they worry about, pass, fail or even remember their GCSEs and A Levels and choose a creative field anyway? (ahem..)

Over the next 2 blogs I will be posting about 2 of my favourite British designers and friends, starting with the ever lovely Tilly Thomas Lux, who’s hair and make up I was lucky enough to style for not one but TWO of her weddings! (Go Girl!)

As you can imagine with over 90% of my brides wearing something in their hair, I see A LOT of hair accessories. Now and again a brand really stands out for me and I need to know more…

I wanted to showcase her work as I know you Festival Brides go crazy for the sparkles and stars so here we go…

First up, for some quick fire questions with Sally, Founder of Tilly Thomas Lux

What’s your business called and why?

My business is named after my grandma Thomas because she was such an incredible, funny, strong independent woman who was always wearing something beautiful in her hair.

What did you do before this?

I worked as a designer and maker of jewellery for global brands in which I travelled the world, collecting vintage and during this time I really perfected my craft.

How long have you been running this business?

Exactly 2 years at the end of September, but its been my a dream of mine for a very long time and so I have been building up to it for years.

It was so scary leaving a secure job with a salary and then starting from scratch, I worked so hard and still work pretty much every day of the week, but I love it!.

Many of the UK just had their exam results, and may now be panicking about life after education. If it’s not to cheeky to ask, what did you get in your GCSE’S? (I did really bad apart from an A+ in Art!)

Ha Ha Me too! I got the below. Exams I found very difficult as I have a creative brain!

I always thought I was a bit ‘thick’ as I wasn’t academic, but luckily my parents encouraged me to follow my heart and concentrate on what I was good at!

  • A* in Art
  • A* in Textiles
  • BB in English
  • C in History
  • C in French
  • DD in Science
  • D in Maths – then eventually C when I re sat it again, and then again!

Did you always want to be an accessories designer?

I have a degree in fashion design and it was always something I wanted to do, my final collection which I showed at London graduate fashion week was covered in Swarovski crystals which now, looking back, makes a lot of sense!

I was always making jewellery to go with the clothes, they seemed more important to me than the actual clothing and it’s the same as this today.

When did you know you’d found your thing?

When a piece I designed years ago was featured in Vogue, it was an amazing feeling! Finally, I had found something I was good at!

With this in mind – what advice would you give your younger self?

I would say try not to worry so much about what others think about you and believe In yourself more!

How would you describe your sense of style in 3 words?

STRIPES are everything!

How would you describe your business in 3 words?

Sparkly. Luxury. Timeless.

At Festival Brides, we love a festival. What’s your favourite?

I have been to most festivals over the years! Bestival was amazing but I have always wanted to go to Coachella in Palm Springs

Big question, who’s your favourite wedding dress designer?

It has to be Halfpenny London. Kate has been such an inspiration to me and has always believed in me right from the very beginning. Her dresses are timeless.

Favourite Song?

‘You got the love’ Candi Staton

…Oh that’s one of mine too, girl! What about favourite Film?

Hmmmmm this is a difficult one, I LOVE ‘Saturday night fever’ and also ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. Sorry that’s 2!

Who are your clients?

Brides are my main clients, and I have to say, I get the loveliest brides and a lot keep in touch and some have become really good friends too.

I did make a necklace for a 90th birthday and that was so lovely. Age is just a number I say, and I truly hope I will be wearing sparkles at 90!

What inspires you?

Old films, Greek mythology, goddesses & queens

… Yasss Sally! We love that about your designs! How much does street fashion & trends affect your work?

I have never massively followed trends, they come and go so quickly.

I tend to look back for my inspiration, I’m obsessed with old Hollywood glamour and the Zeigfeld girls

Tilly you are AMAZING. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and for sharing your story so far. You obviously have a deep rooted passion for what you do that’s contagious.

Brides, are you thinking about changing jobs once you’re married or perhaps taking the jump into being self-employed?

So many of my brides tell me their plans to start their own business when the wedding is finished, so I hope you’ve found this helpful. I’ve even had several of my past brides come on wedding hair courses with me.

If you like what you see, check out Tilly Thomas Lux online or her Instagram.

On a side note, I’m so pleased to see this inspirational brand was started without a page full of A stars. Hopefully the next gen of creatives can take inspiration and hope from this to keep it real.

I feel like this new age trend for self employed bad-assery is only going to make the wedding world get bigger and better!!

Do you fancy joining them!?


Peace, Love & Awesome Hair


Jo xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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